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Epic Batman Trail

Before 2014 slips into 2015, I thought it pertinent that I share my epic Batman trails. I had the good fortune of a family holiday in the Windy City of Chicago. Apart from the fact that we managed a holiday in 2 years, I was over the top to visit the fabled Gotham City.

Here are a few photographs that I clicked while playing back scenes from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Celebrating Batman 75 in Gotham City.

This is Gotham City


This is Gotham City.

The double-horned building is the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, Willis Tower, from where Batman perched, trying to track down the Joker.




Wacker Drive


“We’ll be like turkeys on Thanks-giving!”

Wacker Drive is just as sinister and desolate looking in real-life Chicago as it is in Gotham City.




Wacker Drive


“This city deserves a better class of criminals. And I’m gonna give it to them!”

Wacker Drive runs parallel to River Chicago. I could almost see the Joker in his hijacked truck, blowing a bazooka at the GCPD car that had Harvey Dent till Batman’s Batpod took the hit!




Wacker Drive
“I’m like a dog chasing cars, I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it.”

The high-octane chase sequence from The Dark Knight that was shot here, on Wacker Drive.
The production team lost a stuntman and later, they lost Heath Ledger.
The film, The Dark Knight, is dedicated to the memories of the two.



Wacker Drive


“I love this job!”
Hysterical laughter. Gruffy voice.

This is Wacker Drive, also called Lower 5th in The Dark Knight. This is where the Joker viciously attacks a Police motorcade that had Harvey Dent before the Batman intervened.



Rory’s First Kiss – that is what The Dark Knight was called during production to keep the Batman sequel under wraps.

Chicago, famously became home to the orphan Bruce Wayne and his other side. This is another side of Gotham City at night. I was just waiting to see the Bat sign in the sky!




CBOT Le Salle
“The night is darkest just before the dawn.”

LeSalle Street bore witness to the Batman-Joker skirmish. Further down the road was where the Joker truck was over-turned by Batman as he swerved up against the Chicago Board of Trade Building (right at the end of the street).
Interestingly, the Chicago Board of Trade was Wayne Manor in Batman Begins, but not so in The Dark Knight.



GC LeSalle 045

“Oh, you wanna play!”

The Joker spraying bullets from his automatic at the Batman who was coming straight at him.
South LaSalle Street tells a story of what happened in Gotham, that night.
This is Chi Town’s Financial centre. What I loved was one building playing music, not inside, but outside of the building. 






“I believe, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stranger!”

These quiet streets of Chicago saw a chopper-busting, truck-flippin Batman-Joker confrontation.
Walking through the streets of Gotham City, with my lens and tripod on shoulder, thinking of the Caped Crusader.




GC 14 Kinzie Rail Bridge 01


“Some people, just want to watch the world burn.”

Remember Alfred unlocking a container by the side of this bridge and sneaks in only to emerge in a makeshift Bat Bunker?
That was shot by the Kinzie Bridge – at one time, the world’s heaviest single leaf bascule bridge. 




GC 13 LaSalle 01

Downtown Gotham / Chicago
One of the many bridges dotting over River Chicago, this is the DuSable Bridge.

Crazy Batman fans can recall seeing this in the background when Harvey and Gordon were chatting in office and later with the Mayor.
To the right of the bridge is Hotel 71 that hosted the penthouse of Gotham’s most desired bachelor – Bruce Wayne.



GC 16 Wolfe Point Car Fall


“I didn’t sign up for this!”

The terrified GCPD police officer screamed as his van was rammed and pushed through the barrier into the dark waters.
This is called Wolfe’s Point, where the River Chicago forks out into a ‘Y’.
The bottom-right of the photograph shows the Wacker Drive tunnel from where the police van fell into the river. The building on the left is the Merchandise Mart.



GC Trump


“This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”

Hanging precariously by Batman’s line, from an unfinished floor of the Trump Tower, back in 2007, the Joker looked powerful, even while he was up-side-down!
Trump envisioned growing this tower into the world’s tallest. Eventually, a similar designed Burj Khalifa in Dubai did the trick.



Lamby Car Crash


“If Coleman Reese isn’t dead in 60 minutes, I will blow up a hospital”

The Metro scaffolding leading to the Loop in Chicago City, remains a pocket-friendly way to get around the city.
Further down the street was the place where Bruce Wayne, in his Lamborghini raced and rammed against the Joker’s goons who were targeting to kill Wayne’s employee Reese.



Navy Pier


“Tonight you’re all gonna be part of a social experiment.”

The Joker’s experiment with 2 ferries, full of people that docked off the Navy Pier.
In real, the Navy Pier is one happy, bustling, fair-ground with good food and beer in abundance.



Riverwalk 01


The glittering, glistening Chicago City by River Chicago!
Ariel shots of this city as Gotham showed scared Gotham-dwellers running away from Arkam Asylum inmates as they let loose in Batman Begins and later when they all flooded the streets in The Dark Knight.





Chicago Theatre


Love Boat – Billionaire absconds with entire Moscow Ballet!

The prestigious Chicago theatre, a landmark for the city, was where Harvey Dent and Rachel find a notice and a newspaper clipping stuck that announced a cancelled show.
This is the theatre district in Chi Town with the Ford Theatre a stone’s throw away.




Gotham Ariel 01


“Look what I did to this city with a few drums of gas and a couple of bullets.”

The impressive Chicago skyline that was the playground to the Joker’s psychotic and chaotic games.
I wish I could have shot the night skyline from a chopper after seeing how beautifully Nolan did in The Dark Knight.
This was taken from the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower.





Happy coincidence that I was visiting Gotham City when the logo of Batman75 was released.



PS: for a man with a famed OCD for formatting, this is a bit of a scattered presentation, as the current blog theme is not particularly suited for photo-blogging.


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