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Of Concerts, Artists and Event Agencies

So, the concert season starts.

concert-crowdThis is the time when one gets to see their favourite artists perform, live on stage. Seasoned artists, flavour-of-the-day-artists (scared of this category for they could well be YouTube artists), artists-holding-on-to-their-stardom, fading performers and artists scrambling from the quagmire of obscurity all find some takers in this concert season. Undoubtedly the seasoned ones get prime venues; while the sunset stars get vernacular pockets to perform or in the house of their sponsor patron. This time of the year feels like one mixed playlist.

This is not the dissection table to tear out the fading youth of the artists’ skill. Artists and their era bloom and fade like seasonal flowers. What bothers me is the way seasoned artists seem to be cashing-in on their star-dust till it lasts. No names will be taken, for there needs to be respect shown for their decisions taken and for the craft. I do wonder, why artists do concert after concert with more-or-less the same playlist? Sure, there will some ‘hero’ songs. One never complained over a ‘Thriller’ or ‘Hotel California’. The complaint, however, is a pointy jab at the rest of the presentation and content of such concerts.

There is usually a change of event company; and a resulting new concert poster but the concert, essentially, remains the same. Perhaps, singers these days, have a tougher shelf-life. And the need to reinvent and reincarnate – imperative. All do not have that dynamism or don’t have a cracking management team. And so, most concerts reduce the artist to a quick cashing lottery! Pity!

Concerts need to be designed keeping in mind the artist and what they bring to the stage. Ticket sales should not be the prime aim. Concerts will sell if the artist is worth their salt. But wait, there is a third dimension to it all – public.

Public has its own demands. And the demands are simple. If they are paying up for their tickets, they want to hear the known hits and go back home. If so, then why do we indulge in career graph analysis and performance evaluation of artists? If a 20-year old hit is all that we came for, then we should be happy to have it!

  • Should we (the public) not improve our appetite and crave for that something new?
  • Should not this also encourage and support artists to create and fearlessly present something new?
  • Should we not just hope and expect for the ‘repeat favourite’ but something new?
  • Should the artist not refresh their playlist and give their audiences a new dish to savour?
  • Should not event companies design and promote concerts that present something new and not the ‘tried and tested’?
  • Should not artists learn to refuse the mundane and not always give in to ‘easy money’?

No, this is not Utopian. This is called breaking the clutter; taking a risk and doing something new. Requires a little more love; little more than love of money.


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