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Super Dress Sense

Noticed the old school super-heroes, recently? They seem to have a new wardrobe. More flattering body suits, dashing cuts and more importantly, they keep the inner wear where it should be – inside.

Photo courtesy: DC Comics

Old JLA line-up with undies on the outside

It was an established fact that to be a super-hero, one must have his undies on the outside. Nobody contested the absurd clothing. In fact, it was shown off gallantly. Be it the striped splendour of the “Ghost Who Walks” a.k.a The Phantom, to the attention-seeking red Superman underwear that he used to hook with a yellow belt. All super-heroes with varying degree of super-strength got one thing right – the in’s on the out! All except He-Man. He has nothing else to wear except his furry crimson undies. In case, anybody mentioned Spiderman, well, the man is an undercover ninja. You can’t see anything of his, so why should be parade his undies?

It never struck anybody. Nobody questioned it. Did the strapping on of underwear over blue or purple tights give extra super-power? We know not. I want to know who designed absurd costumes for super-heroes? Well, if this was the principle to go by, why then was Supergirl in a mini-skirt? Wasn’t she fast enough to get hers over her skirt? Or that paparazzi only cared about Lindsay Lohan’s and Britney’s up-skirts!

As a child, I did wear mine over my trousers, but found no extra reserve of power! In fact, it was very difficult to answer nature’s call. That brings me to another extremely pertinent question, how do super-heroes manage to relieve themselves, since they wear their weekdays jumbled up! Again, am not talking about Spiderman! He is absurd – he could get asphyxiated in his costume that doesn’t have nostril holes in them!

Pic courtesy: DC Comics

New JLA line-up with non-fussy costumes

I am certainly glad that Superheroes started updating their wardrobes as fast as their game apps. Christopher Nolan’s Batman showed that sign of maturity. It’s not like Bruce Wayne felt more secure flashing his black shiny ones over his costume when he said, “It’s not what you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you.” It was almost then that later superhero (films) that followed realised a make-over was imperative. So, when Man of Steel burst into the scene, the question on everybody’s mind was not whether Zod would be able to capture or kill him; but whether Kal El still had it in him, since his famous red knickers were missing! One reason, nobody bothered about Batman’s was because he doesn’t wear flashy blue and red! Other lesser super-heroes too did what was required – wear them inside in!

Now, with the comic book folks getting the dressing right, I feel it is a lost chance for inner wear advertising! Imagine premium range of undies, with some “strategic brand positioning” with  ‘Man of Steel’ or better still ‘The Dark Knight RISES‘! Maybe that store in Soho, sells one!


2 comments on “Super Dress Sense

  1. Sujay Sarkar
    August 23, 2013

    It might be the right thing to do-wearing your undies inside but for generations of superhero fans who have grown up watching their superheros with a distinct couture, it is a major disappointment! I was appalled when I saw Man of Steel without his famous red fig leaf cover. He looked nude and not “appropriately” dressed. Superheros are super and do not lead their lives by complying with “normal rules” of life which lesser mortals like us have to live with. We should not touch a classic just to confirm to contemporary tastes. The way a superhero dresses is part of his persona. Does Superman look superhuman when he dresses in a suit as Clark Kent? I don’t want to tell stories to my kids of superheros who could not fight sartorial sensitivities of editors/producers leave alone, fighting any super villains. I’m extremely disappointed with the change.

    • Dev J Haldar aka TheCalmDev
      August 23, 2013

      Sujay, loved your response to this! One part of me admits and agrees with you. Superman seemed a bit ‘incomplete’ without his ‘reinforcements’!
      Am still re-reading your comment and smiling!
      May the power, be with you!
      And thank you, for stopping by!

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