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Rubbery Mutton, Ecological Plastic at 800 Thali

When it is claimed that everything this restaurant does is like ‘your mother’ would do, I usually take such claims with a generous pinch of salt. And then, when there is a lavish use of sarcasm in the literature, I begin to suspect the motive of running a restaurant. Are you trying to teach us all what taste should be? Are you also trying to cover up for any mistakes that you might make? Are you playing it too safe, hiding under the ‘mom’s taste’ et al? These are some of the questions that meander in my head as I read the 800-Thali menu.

My call was answered by a gentleman with a naturally rude disposition in their JLT store. I was immediately put on hold, indefinitely. Another incident that adds to the legendary deplorable telephone etiquette and customer service in the UAE.

My wife and I decide to try ‘bhuna gosht’ and ‘chapati’. To the ‘desi’ food lover, ‘bhuna gosht’ is a pan-friend mutton curry. What we got delivered home has made me promise never to order from 800-Thali. If mutton pieces make you feel like a dog eating a bone, then there is something gravely wrong with the mutton. It was rock hard, unevenly cooked and far from tender. Very disappointing, considering that the gravy was up to the mark and the ‘chapati’ were as good as home-made.

800 Thali's claim to being Eco-friendly

Plastic ‘approved’ by Mother Nature?

It was when I was trying to win over a piece of mutton, did I realise the need for those sarcastic literature about being a finicky, nit-picker over their product and service. Maybe somewhere, behind the nose-uppity attitude lurks a gnawing inconfidence about their product. I did not complete my dinner. I refuse to chew rubbery pieces of mutton.

And while contemplating whether I should call the restaurant up to give them feedback, I chanced on their plastic carry-bags that claims it to be eco-friendly! What plastic is eco-friendly??? And since when???

So, dear 800-Thali, please clean up your act. Get your food in order. Get staff who know how to take an order. And learn some chemical compositions of plastic. Till that time, you are clearly off my dialling list.


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