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You’re Not Who You Used To Be

I have grown up and seen you grow old.

But you have grown old and ugly. So ugly that I refuse to look at you now.

I hate saying that I was with you once, playing with you in lush green fields, laughing and soaking the winter sun. Now, I could pass you by and not look at you.

Your skin has calluses that refuse to heal. All your goodness being hidden by crime, one worse than the other. One horrific than the other.

I don’t think I know you anymore. Where once people would go out of their way to help, now (they) turn a vacant eye over those lying bloody and needy.

Look at what you have made me into. Cynical. Critical. I don’t trust that easy. I am hopeless. I don’t think anybody is safe with you, specially women and children. I openly confess my dislike for you. I wasn’t like this a few years back, you know. Now, you are nothing but a pack of lies.

You have cut your umbilical cord that once connected me to you.

You don’t make me homesick anymore. You just make sick.


8 comments on “You’re Not Who You Used To Be

  1. vibsbha
    April 19, 2013

    Reblogged this on vibhabhatt and commented:

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  3. Manju Ramanan
    April 20, 2013

    Felt similar about Gujarat, post riots of 2002. But the umblical cord is there – very vibrantly so – but in the kingdom of memories 🙂

  4. nirbhayasindia
    June 1, 2013

    Very well said.

    The neglect and apathy is everywhere, and not just on the way women are treated, but on even the recourse available to common man. Essentially, the Nirbhaya story is representative of this apathy and provided the excuse for people to gather in protest. It has just begun. It’s a revoloution (it really is) but one that is still not aware of its birth, so numbed it has been for so long. First the british (who at least weren’t personally corrupt) and now are brown rulers who are supposed to represent us, but serve themselves and their buddies – the businessmen and moneybags. I have tried to chronicle the awakening of this spent nation in my blog written completely in verses, giving a blow by blow account of our vulgar state (pun intended), going beyond the Nirbhaya incident. Drop by and read it if you so feel inclined. And spread the good word around. The only hope is that we find a common ground and retain our faith.

    • Thank you for stopping by.
      What is equally saddening apart form the apathy is the interest that authorities take in spot-fixing over the pending verdict for the case. Was this case not referred to a ‘fast-track’ court?

      • nirbhayasindia
        June 24, 2013

        The murderers and rapists will die of old age! Will be ever be able to reform this mess called a nation?

      • nirbhayasindia
        June 27, 2013

        Hi, my blog is up again. WordPress had deactivated it by mistake. Thought I will let you know.

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