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When the Earth Quaked

The sunny afternoon of the 16th, when Dubai shook as Iran trembled with a 7.8 magnitude quake, a lot many alarming and funny things came to the fore!

More than half at work felt the tremors, given that we are nestled on the 16th floor. While running for cover or evacuation is the only logical way out, we spent time arguing whether it was a quake or the whistle-blower’s anaemia attack!

Finally when we saw a bunch of people out on the streets, we decided to evacuate.

So, our bunch joined the mass exodus down the flight of stairs that usually is a haunt for smokers. To me, evacuation seemed scary. Another mini quake and there could be a stampede. Getting impaled by a shrieking red stiletto seemed not a good idea. This was why, one colleague at work is always appointed as a marshal who takes care of scenarios like this. There were no building alarms. There was no evac choreography.

We reach ground level and join the others. Groups of people chatted loudly about how wild the tremor was; some exaggerated so emphatically that I was forced to believe that I was very desensitised towards the humble earthquake.

What also surprised me that apart from our office building, nobody else bothered coming out! As if our building was the only one in Tecom, Dubai that experienced an earthquake!

One inquisitive car driver, stopped in the middle of the street to ask what had happened? Somebody said that it was an earthquake. The excited car driver asks ‘where’!!! Well, where does one usually ‘find’ an earthquake!

And amidst all the chaos, was this smiling, lanky youngster who quietly stopped beside all the parked cars and slipped in visiting cards of a local spa.

Quake or no quake, business must go on! Nothing really shook that day!


2 comments on “When the Earth Quaked

  1. hindolbhattacharya
    April 25, 2013

    Haha! Earthquake? Where?! It was scary though and fun afterwards:)

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