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Simple Things I Miss Now

Am missing a lot of things now.

I miss how things emerge from the fog on a cold, wet morning.

Miss the unfurling of a sheer on a late windy morning.

Catch the sun on the morning dew.

Miss walking up a narrow cobbled lane, with the smell of fresh bread in the air.

The sight of an age-struck window.

A walk by the lake, watching the swans.

Sitting under a huge leafy tree with a book and not reading a page.

Cycling in lanes and by lanes never tread upon. Feel the air on my nose and cheeks.

Sit outside a bistro, sipping coffee, listening to the old men share stories.

Meet a stranger who is not shy to smile at another stranger.

Play with kids in a park and chase butterflies with them.

Stand and watch it rain in torrents. And admire the leaves shine pure green.

Miss not being able to see clouds march down a mountain like an army. Or walking through them, biting mouthfuls all the while.

See a face that reminds me of someone. A jaw line that distracts!

Boat on a placid river. Hear a village boy play the flute. Can hear the flute but not see him play.

Meet an old man that reminds me of my grandfather.

Sit and talk hours on end with a local historian over continuous cups of tea.

Trek really high up a mountain top to see more snow-clad peaks on the other side.

Miss somebody… who? That is not important.


4 comments on “Simple Things I Miss Now

  1. Ashu
    September 12, 2012

    Beautiful! Reminds you to pay attention to all the beautiful things that you have now, for you might be missing them in the future!

    • Dev J Haldar aka TheCalmDev
      September 13, 2012

      Ashu, thank you for stopping by. In fact, life always presents the beauty of small or simple things. We just cloud our vision as we move along in life.

  2. RJ Sanchari Mukherjee
    September 16, 2012

    The lines, totally touched my heart. Feels like I too have been there, someday at some point in time…Very alive 🙂

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