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Building an Ad is not so Easy!

Enough has been said about advertising campaigns in the Middle East. Most of it is on the lines of how pedestrian it all is. Almost bordering on being funny. All basics of message, medium, top of mind recall, intelligent selling, creative route is non-existent (or maybe just in client yarn). There are usually, two patterns of ad-making. One route is ‘inspiration’ or in average person terms – copying. The other is… well I do not have a term for it but we can call it ‘client vision’. This is where the client becomes the director and calls the shots. I don’t know which is more dangerous.

Of late, a leading building materials company, foremost in the UAE hired cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar as their brand ambassador. It was all good till there. And then, came the two adverts.

In advert number 1, Suny Gavaskar is roaming around in a showroom looking for everything including a bat. The dialogues are tacky, the commercial is amateurish. In short a 30-second joke with a legend in it. What the advert missed out was the ‘call-to-action’. It lacked a ‘hook’ for the viewer, current or potential customer including.

Advert number 2 does have a better premise in juxtaposing the growth of the company to the meteoric progress of Dubai. And this is what got my gob! Sunil Gavaskar opens the commercial by saying,“When I went out to bat…” The visual to that effect was not complimenting, to say the least. In fact, it seemed like a young, cocky DOP decided to use footage of an angry Sunil Gavaskar walking off the field (with his non-striker) in protest to an umpiring decision against the Aussies in 1980-81. In fact Gavaskar was not his usual calm self as he urged his team ‘off’ the field in anger. Understandable for a man who would walk away from the crease before the umpire could raise his finger. So while you heard Gavaskar saying how things were when he ‘went out to bat’, the footage showed him walking away in a gruff with his non-striker following him. We have all seen this series or at least the footage on You Tube. Not the ideal footage to use, is this?

My point is, does Gavaskar know of this?

My point is why have a brand ambassador when one ends up making a fool out of him / her?

My point is a cheap job will have a cheap outlook.

My point is whoever did those adverts should apologise and return the monies given to them.

My point is that the building materials company should have hired an advertising agency with some brains and say, to get their product / advert out in the market.

Till education is not given and well-received, we shall continue to live in the age and times when ads are nothing more than graphic packages with weird actors and strange get-ups. Happy viewing!


One comment on “Building an Ad is not so Easy!

  1. Ankit Ojha
    September 5, 2012

    Well, when everyone so much as wants to get things done in the least budget possible (whilst also filling their pockets) they’ll keep resorting to this – uhm – whatever it’s called. Then everything will be creative and good, even though deep inside they well know it’s not.

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