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The Dark Knight Rises

The last of the Nolan-Batman films. Certainly had a sense of finality and a tinge of sadness for those who have obsessed over Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. One would want Christopher Nolan to continue directing the Batman franchise over and over again. Nothing compares to the super portrayal of this 1939 character. Nolan’s films have lent Batman a REAL hue. You do believe in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne and all else that come with it. I’d been waiting for this film with bated breath. More so, since the UAE release was postponed from the worldwide release on 20 July to 16 August. That was almost a month’s wait to see the ‘Bat and Bane’ games while the world had seen it all. The film was a bit overshadowed by the ‘Batman Colorado Shooting’.

But I was building my personal build-up to The Dark Knight Rises (also referred to as TDKR). Batman coffee mugs, table coasters and the OST playing in my car, I wore a new TDKR tee-shirt and went for the first day last show IMAX screening. And all I can say is that hype was well worth it. So was the 13 month wait!

I hereby, allege my life-long patronage to British film maker Christopher Nolan. The legends of Memento and Inception, stand a strong parallel to the beautifully crafted Batman trilogy. To use a dialogue from Batman Begins, “You have made Batman a legend Mr Nolan, a legend.”

TDKR joins all the dots that there were from the first two films. From the half burnt and salvaged photograph of Bruce’s parents, the ‘brick-by-brick’ restored Wayne Manor, to the Batcave that now houses other tremendous gadgets, a couple of shots of Crane aka the Scarecrow to how Gotham City has been dealing with Harvey Dent’s death; the blacklisting of Batman as a murderer, the broken beacon on top of GCPD – Nolan shows a keen detective-like mind. And that is not condescending; just earnestly appreciative!

Make not the mistake of comparing villains from TDK and TDKR. The Joker, by far, has been the greatest adversary. He (and Heath Ledger) have taken the hammy caricature straight into the echelons of the most fearful villains ever. Bane, however, comes across as a merciless mercenary with brute strength.

In this film, emotions lead the action. Love, fear, attachment, greed, revenge, retribution is well laid out, pretty much as Bane lays out explosive-laced cement across the city. A well simmered plot leads to a brilliant crescendo! Nolan pulls at your hearts when you see Bane’s army clash with Batman’s forces, just like it did in ancient history. Man to man, fisticuffs to fisticuffs. The entire film is a visual treat!

A pleasure to see the cast of Batman again – Christian Bale, Sir Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman and the delightful Marion Cotillard. I wasn’t particularly impressed with Selina Kyle aka Ann Hathaway.

I will not spill anything on the plot and how it comes about, but it is for you to see and experience. You will experience pain and angst, when you see Bruce struggle to become Batman 8 years after he hung up his cape and cowl and retired. The action sequences will leave you breathless and numbed.

And there will be questions: does the world need the Batman? Is there a Batman? Is Batman dead? Does the legacy get carried forward? For now, simmer with these questions, as you should plan your next outing for TDKR.

And as for Nolan – I am certain, he would have made the best chef on earth if he were not be a master storyteller!


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