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Film Review: Ek Tha Tiger

If you would have seen my expression while leaving the theatre, you would have known how terrible it feels when you have been let down by somebody whose craft you liked and believed in.

Very disappointed by director Kabir Khan’s third commercial offering. I guess, I am more disappointed because it is Kabir Khan. Had it been any other director, I don’t think I would have such an acid attack.

The pluses for this film were huge – Yashraj Films, Salman Khan working under the YRF banner for the first time, Kabir Khan as the director, Katrina and Salman pair-up again and some gorgeous locales.

This film confused me from its poster. It looked like the story of a spy and some serious espionage cases. The trailers made it look like a romance (ok, a romantic thriller). And the film title, Ek Tha Tiger, made it seem like some one-man army.

What I got was a very stylishly shot film with no matter at all. The first thing that was compromised was a plot. There was no glue in the storyline. A spy falling in love and then looking like a goat in suit is not my idea of a thriller. Well, even Bond fell in love, but they didn’t make him climb pipes and cut onions and stand under meteor showers or sing songs.

This is where it ends.

Ek Tha Tiger is like the second part of Agent Vinod. I am beginning to wonder if Indian directors can make a good spy film. A film that feels like an edge-of-the-seat spy film and not masala mish-mash that the local eatery serves you on your plate.

Looks like Yashraj Films is specialising in Indo-Pak love stories. Either they have been asked by both governments to end their political animosity by making films where one from India falls in love with one from pakistan or they probably want to be ambassadors India tourism and Pakistan tourism.

I understand that the parameters of declaring a film as a hit or a flop have changed. The last crop of Bollywood films have been flops, with not much repeat viewing et al but they have been declared resounding hits, purely based on the moolah that has come back to the producers. However, I stick to the old method of calling a film flop – if the storyline is flimsier than an item girl’s skirt, if the actors cannot act better than the props in the film – then it is a flop.

Salman Khan is Salman Khan in all films. He can’t act. He can just walk and flex muscles. Katrina is a Barbie, period. The others in the film aren’t that prominent.

To a film like Ek Tha Tiger, I give the example of Gangs of Wasseypur. With a near-nobody star cast, that is a film with a storyline, brilliant screenplay, fantastic production value and some real hardcore acting.

Go ahead, give ETT a miss. They will be celebrating their success party anyway! And as for Tiger, let’s concentrate on saving the black and yellow variety.


3 comments on “Film Review: Ek Tha Tiger

  1. mobin agha
    August 18, 2012

    thnx for saving my money was about to watch it after eid :o)

    • Dev J Haldar aka TheCalmDev
      August 19, 2012

      Happy to help Mobin! 🙂

      • mobin agha
        August 22, 2012

        ya but i still saw it during eid lolz . . .really what a waste!!!

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