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Open Letter to Indian Embassy / Consulate and BLS International

I just finished my newborn’s passport run. It required me to liaise with the Consulate General of India in Dubai’s outsourced service provider – BLS International Service. And I am not a wee bit happy with the service offered to me, save the security guard who, thankfully, was not the BLS payrolls.

Newborn passport services require that the baby should be present at the time of application. With a criteria like that, one would expect that BLS would be well-geared for handling newborns. Unfortunately, they fall short by miles. The sad thing is that they don’t really realise that. And this thick-skinned DNA is a bane of the Indian ‘chalta hai’ attitude. Fine evolution after 65 years of Independence and self-reliance.

Imagine this centre teeming with applicants of all sorts and not a single dedicated counter for newborns.

Imagine this crowded waiting room and not one corner where mothers can feed their children.

Imagine a room where there is not a single changing table for when a newborn needs one.

Not even a bathroom in sight.

One particular applicant needed to feed her child and the staff had no clue where to accommodate her. Finally, they let her in on their side of the desk and asked her to sit behind a cupboard.

Unfriendly staff, who need to be trained in a stable, first, and then in finishing school. They have the decency to put their applicants on hold while they give their female co-worker a good ‘one-up’ and approve of her pink saree. Very, very professional.

I certainly see the tall claim in BLS International Services website where they claim to be the “exclusive, trusted partner to the Embassy of India, Abu Dhabi & Consulate General of India, Dubai”. With sub-standard service as their hallmark, the Indian Embassy and Consulate certainly need to look into a far more stringent method of choosing a vendor.

Yours truly

A disgruntled Indian


5 comments on “Open Letter to Indian Embassy / Consulate and BLS International

  1. mobin agha
    August 16, 2012

    Ya the Clause does say one has to take his/her new born, but its not compulsary. But i feel they should remove this clause or whatever it is. Might be these people dint face the probs you had to face so they dont know about it ;o)

    • Dev J Haldar aka TheCalmDev
      August 16, 2012

      Mobin, they require the kids’ fingerprints; so bringing them to the centre is mandatory. Ideally for a service like this, they should have a mobile team that visits applicants’ homes (in case they are unable to provide a clean and secure environ / bathroom / changing table etc)

  2. Dev J Haldar aka TheCalmDev
    August 19, 2012

    Reblogged this on Father-o-logy.

  3. jackie thomas
    August 10, 2013

    I am happy and satisfied with the services provided to me by the BLS ans also they are so professional and helpful…on time i received my new passport…..

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