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Mall Walker

The Louis Vuitton store gleams in warm orange as the attendant, glove in left hand like a golfer, dusts imaginary lint off the shelves and photo frames.

The suited aide practices his grim straight-face. Smile only at those who walk in store.

The coffee machine hisses viciously as two Arabs wait for their espresso shots.

The Gucci handle gets a final polish before customers leave their ginger-prints on it.

The lingerie mannequin gets a new camisole.

Two mall attendants exchange stories outside Lascoste. The headless Lacoste men and women, witness to their chat, as they were positioned by their merchandiser.

Baskin Robbins is in no hurry to attract customers. Ice creams have no takers when the mall opens.

People in formals walk with direction. People not in formals, are in no hurry to choose any direction.

The Massimo Dutti models look on blankly at the first ‘breakfasters’ at Columbus Cafe.

Mango still had its dim lights on.

Tommy got a quick floor mop.

Men in black stood in attention behind the Rolex counters.

Giordano boy, looking sleepy, or maybe that was his ‘sleepy-look’ folded some shirts away.

The girl at Zara pulled her hair into a fountain-pony-tail before opening doors.

Tonic Juice bar readied fruits for the late morning tourist rush.

Galleries and handicrafts moved slowly like a languorous ape while the attendant next door vacuumed the carpets on sale.

The food court smelled of boiling water, the first waft of things being fried and fresh tomatoes (near a pizza store).

The McDonald’s staff were pleasant, without any sugar rush. They weren’t exactly screaming ‘hello maam-sir’ but were on normal talking decibel.

The parking attendants looked fresh. And the army of car washers looked ready to tackle the onslaught of the motors.


6 comments on “Mall Walker

  1. kany22
    January 30, 2012

    Excellent observation and well written like always.

  2. Santanu De
    January 30, 2012

    Very lucid narration of a typical mall when it opens its shutter. You have succeeded in painting a slide show where the still pictures were moving one after another. Good one.

  3. abc
    January 30, 2012

    naaah! bakwaas…….me with my sub-standard english cud do a better job any day :p

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