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Clockwise Coffee

Clockwise Coffee

Coffee at Starbucks, Mall of the Emirates. Watching people with caffeine has its own kick! Here’s the view:

12 o’ clock: my wife, curled up on the single-seater with a far-away expression.

1 o’ clock: two mature women, discussing something that mattered to them. Wearing traditional Asian prints, with kohl-lined eyes and subtle jewels. The matter they discussed certainly wasn’t related to economy but domestic economics.

2 o’ clock: two PYT’s (pretty young things to the uninitiated) chatting away animatedly. Maybe it was the sugar in their coffee or the pastries they tucked into. Clunk of cutlery, flashing ‘pearlies’ and expressive eyes certainly made it a table that most coffee buyers stopped at.

3 o’ clock: the Filipino employee who carefully wrote the drink type on plastic glasses. And passing on orders in a sing-song way that always reminds me of McDonald’s drive-in.

4 o’ clock: one lone woman devouring a sandwich. Amidst moving customers, I could see her curly long hair, a knee-length dress, pearls, high heels and a generous flash of her legs! She looked like a photo-op – coffee and sandwich that could make it to the inane page 3. Oh! And it was a black number and dark lipstick.

5 o’ clock: a European with his digital camera. Half bald. Wearing glasses. Boy at heart – the camera held his attention more than the need to order coffee. It was a new digital camera. One could hear the sharp rip of plastic. Boring shirt.

6 o’ clock: that was the entry to the coffee shop. Couldn’t be much bothered to see much there. Too much of a strain on my neck.

7 o’ clock: a fake plant.

8 o’ clock: 2 Indian girls with a borrowed accent. Beads and trinkets. One with tooth braces. Could hazard a guess the Kardashians were a fashion influence on her.

9 o’ clock: a bunch of Arab men in immaculate white ‘kandouras’. One had his hands-free strapped across his face as he kept talking. The other one sported a smart white wrist watch. Tasteful cuffs as well. Sandwich and coffee. The Kardashian-clone walked past but elicited a one-second attention.

10 o’ clock: empty chairs.

11 o’ clock: a man-island. He sipped his coffee while photo-shopping his sweetheart’s photograph. Earplugs kept his rhythm. Wanted to know what he was listening to. Looked happy and content as he tried balancing the yellow in the photograph.

0 o’ clock: our coffee and muffin over, we pushed our tray and got up and left.


9 comments on “Clockwise Coffee

  1. vibsbha
    December 6, 2011

    half a dozen hours in a cofee shop must sure be giving a caffaine kick……havent experienced it ever but reading this def wants me to go get this experience..will try it out one of these days………good observation……… 🙂

    • Dev J Haldar aka Calmdev
      December 6, 2011

      I was not there for 12 hours. See my response to Ankit’s comment. Will clear your query as well.

  2. Ankit Ojha
    December 6, 2011

    Twelve hours? Did you actually stay that long to write this article? WOW! RISPAACT!

    • Dev J Haldar aka Calmdev
      December 6, 2011

      Nope I wasnt arrested there for 12 hours… that is just the army-way of pointing out to people adn that is the style I employed for this post!

      • Ankit Ojha
        December 7, 2011

        So then how did you end up doing it? You must have had to stay nearby the coffee-shop! All of that description! 😮

  3. doubledolphin
    December 6, 2011

    Must have been an incredible table, with a 360 degree view comrade!

  4. vibsbha
    December 11, 2011

    i knew u werent there for 12 hrs wid ur kinda job not possible to be sitting just to observe people 🙂 and read ur response to ankit as well ……. u tc and get well soon 🙂

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