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Where is the Country headed?

The agriculture minister got slapped.

An angry home minister retorted rhetorically, as to where the country is headed to.

Why don’t you tell us minister?

Let’s expect some easy answers to it all. Shoes hurled, slapped, public outrage and all other signs of protest must have some reason. Worth exploring why the ‘common man’ is so frustrated? Incessant price rise, petrol prices race faster than cars and food stuff bloating sure have added on to the angst of the middle-class.

And why just blame the middle class? When the very affluent politicos are seen squabbling, throwing around chairs and shoes in the parliament, what is the message that gets passed around? Logically, the masses are only emulating the leaders.

And so, to pose the question again –  where the country is headed to – take a long, hard moment and think before you answer.


2 comments on “Where is the Country headed?

  1. Hari Achariya
    November 26, 2011

    Everyone knows ‘Where the Country is headed to’….but, as is the case with us for decades, we tend to look the other way, thinking that why should we get ‘unnecessarily involved in these problems’….Let someone else clear or solve this mess for us.
    The “Spark” is there in India, of a revolution akin to Egyptian,Tunisian, Libyan or Syrian… only remains to be seen, when the “Volcano” is going to erupt.

    • Dev J Haldar aka Calmdev
      November 29, 2011

      Personally I feel that the nature of a Tahrir Square et al is different to India’s scenario but I guess I understand the emotion behind this. I feel, the revolution here is much more internal – it is regurgitating the ‘ungood’ that is inside (and thereby feel much lighter)

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