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Beauty of Small Things

A paraplegic who chose life over euthanasia; a man who is ‘Prometheus’ incarnate when he gave light that was ‘bottled up’ to the poor in Philippines; one cabin crew who saw more meaning in sponsoring 5 talented slum-dwellers from Dhaka, Bangladesh and is still gathering funding for the hopefuls; a dyslexic, who is also a graphic designer, talks about a typeface that dyslexics can read without flipping out and a brand strategist who drew parallels between seduction and brand pitch – these were the highlights of the 3rd Tedx-Dubai.

Ted x Dubai

This year’s theme was ‘The Beauty of Small Things’.

It was like hitting the ‘refresh’ button in my life. Suddenly all the blinkered running I was doing, made little or no sense. There is so much more to do, to know and to accomplish. There is so much more to hear and learn. Stories and experiences that are multi-cultural and multi-ethnic and yet, those stories are relevant in today’s day and age.

I just wished I could hand-pick a few and take them on radio. These are stories that the whole world needed to know and take inspiration from. I missed my talk-radio channel, that was no more. That said, I certainly look forward to next year’s outing at Tedx-Dubai. For more information, get on their website:


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