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Talent and a Milkshake

Just last week, a good-looking, albeit talentless woman came to Dubai.

There are many like that. Just that this woman was stinking rich and pretty popular on internet downloads.

Kim Kardashian descended to Dubai, a place that exceeded her expectations, as she confessed. Not too sure if she knew where Dubai was before this.

So, she came to make milkshake. And, I smile as I write this, that media drove out in packs to meet her. Really! When asked what is special about her milkshake, she replied that is ‘curvy’ like her. Now honestly, I bet you didn’t expect a repartee like that! Dubai mall was jam-packed and people were so excited to meet her. Newspapers dedicated wide column centimetres. Social media were buzzing about her.

Somewhere, I was not able to get the picture. Beautiful and talentless, popular for no real achievement and for a milkshake – all this makes her a worldwide celebrity.

Oh! Did I say talentless? Apologies, my internet page just loaded. She is amply talented!


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