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I think I have a secret wish. One that will not get fulfilled.

Each time I see an archaeologist dusting off an ancient skeleton, I wish I’d be buried and rediscovered thousands of years later. Alas! I know that it is an impossibility! But, do think for a moment, how fascinating it must be. Think of an Egyptologist probing an ancient mandible! How fascinating is it to read clues of a four thousand-year old skeleton! A peasant? A worker? Head of workers? Keeper of royal tombs? I wonder what they would think if they were to discover my bones.


4 comments on “Bones

  1. kateshrewsday
    September 22, 2011

    It’s a kind of immortality…a grim kind….but immortality nonetheless.

  2. eyeonwales
    September 22, 2011

    Why is it impossible though? I know plenty of archaeologists who are buried with all sorts of objects in the hope of being excavated one day – keep the faith, prepare to be dug up!

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