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Why Hrithik Roshan is similar to Paula Abdul!

What? What is Hrithik on these days? Over the past few weeks, I have been watching the dance reality show, Just Dance that has Hrithik as a special judge, and I cannot but help take note of Hrithik’s deep insights and philosophies. I guess, I am a bit more stumped than his bone-bending dance moves.

For most times, Hrithik’s opinions are a mere reflection of the two other judges on the show; namely Vaibhavi Merchant and Farah Khan. He really does not have anything new to add to what the women have already pointed out. Either he states it in passive voice or in a rather long-twisted sentence, the sorts we hated constructing in school. The ‘Hrithik-isms’ are fast becoming as hilarious as the one of the bumbling Thomson brothers in Tintin. Now is that Thompson with a ‘P’ or without?

And on days when he is not loaning opinions, he sounds as convoluted as a Chinese conundrum. And that really does not help. I mean, let’s get real about this – you cannot help the world by dancing or promoting dancing, so please take off those shoes and talk some sense! In a slightly sadistic way, I enjoy the expressions on the contestants’ faces when they are trying to make sense of what Hrithik is spewing, while catching their breath (after a gruelling performance). One particular night, Hrithik was ‘spreading love’. Did he just finish watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It backstage?  

In fact, after today’s episode, I am compelled to draw similarities between Hrithik and Paula Abdul (as seen on the sets of American Idol). Paula was on coke on the show (pun fully intended) and Hrithik is probably high on some protein-shake from his gym. What was he thinking when he said to a dancer that she has overcome ‘her physicality’!!! What do I make of that evangelist-like schpeel about people ‘loving the contestants‘ because they have seen them ‘through his eyes‘!!! What? Have you been OD-ing on Paula Abdul’s American Idol videos? Did you miss out on the incredulous looks that Simon Cowell gave in the next shot?


2 comments on “Why Hrithik Roshan is similar to Paula Abdul!

  1. Ankit Ojha
    September 2, 2011

    LOL! Cut the poor guy some slack! You must have seen many movies where policewallahs use the good cop – bad cop routine for interrogation – so here while Vaibhavi and Farah might be a little critical, Hritihik Roshan is the guy who talks about unicorns and rainbows. Simple plan. Works.

    And this is how the director would probably want it. Put in WE ARE FAMILY’s theme song and Hrithik’s philosophy making for a perfect soppy material. Overused? Wait there, let me sprinkle a bit of LATIKA’S THEME from SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE because we’re not really original! Meh! Remember my rants on television quite some time ago? It’s not the culture, it’s just the fact that the people behind this just can’t seem to open their eyes and widen their inner horizons of creativity because they’re hatching eggs!

    Oh and btw, you’re welcome 😛 I don’t know why did I add that.

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