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Breaking News – Fashion makes Headlines

Ever noticed something in the news lately?

The answer to that question has nothing to do with any natural disasters or political disasters or civil rebellion or sports. The hint is at the growing fashion sense on every news desk. Be it any channel, from any country – what stands out is a fashionable newsreader on TV screens.

CNN has readers who could grace Cosmopolitan and be the next face of LÓreal. BBC has brought about a change that seems to lose the stiff upper lip; where else could you see puff shoulders, shiny ties, fancy suits and pregnant weather reporters! Sky, Fox, Al Jazeera all have men and women who could apply for the next fashion editor’s job. It is a refreshing change to see drab’ and ‘boring’ newsreaders making a statement, and effortlessly, at that.

However there are some fashion ‘boo-boo’s’. Wearing a bright or bold print under a formal jacket that is peeping flashily on the screen. I beg your pardon, dear newsreader, but your top is taking away from the headlines. Sometimes, tops with strings hanging from the neck, or weird stripes are fashion faux pas that could make the next headlines on TMZ! Chunky jewellery is another no-no. It looks more like dinner-dressing and not news reading.

So, I guess FTV has some competition, after all! For more on lipstick shades that stick in the times of news disaster, or anti-crumple shirts that don’t crease in political tension, visit your nearest news channel and learn more.


One comment on “Breaking News – Fashion makes Headlines

  1. vibhabhatt
    August 28, 2011

    Yeah its gud to c “pretty” & smart news readers .. Agreed wid wht u say 🙂 nice observation 🙂

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