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Birthday Blues

Every year, this huge need to vanish for a day out of 365 in a year, gets stronger as I approach my birthday. The explanation is pretty convoluted. I want to vanish or hibernate for a day, on my birthday.

All year through, I used to wait for my birthday to arrive. I am sure I felt no different from other kids. It was a day when I would be the centre of attraction all day long. It was a day when everybody would wish me. It was a day when the girls in my class would give me mushy cards and the boys would high-five me. It was a day when I would start receiving gifts the moment I would open my eyes. My parents would wake me up and bless me and then I would get my gifts. I would unwrap them while rubbing sleep off my eyes. It was a day, my crush would make me a card or would wear my favourite colour.

It was also a day when I used to get stuff that I didn’t need; or wouldn’t work. A magnetic pencil box whose magnets were weak, or an ink pen with a bent nib or a water game (like a video game) whose rubber peg developed a leak.

However, now that I am suitably old or old enough, I so feel like not being the centre of attraction. Like I said and tried before, it is difficult to explain. I think I am turning a recluse. A hermit maybe – just for a day.

Off late I am ok using my birthday for identification purpose for my home services or banking customer care. Just do not sing ‘happy birthday’ anymore. I will understand.


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