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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

When the promos show you good-looking, half naked men, namely Farhan and Hrithik, and saucy looking women bathed in tomato pulp, one’s attention gets piqued. Then when one sees Katrina Kaif riding a big bike all by herself, one’s attention is a bit more piqued. What grabbed my attention was the late afternoon shot where wild mustangs were galloping by as the main characters drove on in their car. The name of the film stuck then. You live only once. So make the most of it.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is a simple film with  a simple and subtle message. 

It is a given that most films, these days are good-looking films. Add a good-looking cast and some good locales. Indeed ZNMD is a good-looking film. Look at the cast and more than anything, the incomparable beauty of Spain. I must add that the  dangers with such films ride high. Low recall. One time watch. There are many Saif, Rani, Shahid, Akshay, Aishwarya and Abhishek starrers that have gone that way. So, will ZNMD be cast aside as just a ‘good looking’ film?  This is where Zoya Akhtar steps in.

Imagine this: being on a boat in a river and soaking in the sights and sounds. By the time the river cruise ends, one does not remember the exact details of most things but the experience sticks in the head and that is exactly what the narrative of ZNMD does. Zoya puts the audience in the middle of things and all the audience had to do was to watch.

Comparisons are rife with ZNMD and DCH (Dil Chahta Hai). Is it because both films have been directed and produced by an Akhtar? Is it because both films have three male friends and a road trip? Let us seriously pull our heads away from it. DCH was a cult film that lead to some good cinema. ZNMD makes no such claims. It is a simple urban story of three male school friends on a bachelor trip to Spain before one of them settles down in matrimony.

Special note for Farhan Akhtar. He sure has a good comic timing and it is pretty well displayed in this film. The scene where Farhan does a strange mix of Flamenco and Salsa and Tap with a rose clenched between his teeth was hilarious. Just one dampener. Did not like the serious poetry being spouted in Farhan’s husky, semi-lispy voice. It almost threw his surname in my face. Just because daddy does it, son does not have to do it too.

Abhay Deol does what he does best. Scores by underscoring. Effortless. Good screen presence. And very real. Fantastic chemistry between the him and Farhan.

Hrithik Roshan is a bit trapped. He will always be more good-looking than good acting. Well, the world is like that – more style over content. So there is nothing more that I can say about him.

I am begining to grow fonder of Katrina Kaif.  She seems to be doing better; in her films, I might add. She definitely does better dialogues than statements in press conferences. Kalki was very good as the love angle of Abhay Deol as she went from secure to insecure to jealous to clammy till it all sorts itself out as the movie concludes. The last scene of the film got me a bit drowsy, maybe because it was the late night show I was watching.

I am glad that ZNMD soothed a lot of rough edges after Delly Belly and Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap. Thoroughly enjoyable. Great humour. For one, I am hooked on by the ‘bwoys’ bit – we used to say it in school. OST could have been a lot more full-bodied apart from ‘Senorita’ and ‘Khaabon Kay Parinday’. Overall, ZNMD is a good outing. The tickets are worth the price and so are the pop corns.


2 comments on “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

  1. vibhabhatt
    July 22, 2011

    u just wrote wht i felt but never got words to put my thoughts……..i totally agree wid those scenes where a tear drops from HR eyes and the stallions were the best……katrina’s lines………… Box wala and the regrets wala were d best..they really inspired me to do something which i could only think and never have the guts to do…..but will def do it now………. thanx for this review and this is def a more than once review and the dvd of this film is def going in my classic collection of films…i feel abhay and farhan really did a fab fab job and as far as the poetries are concerned………i loved them………….. too good……….. thanx again and u tc 🙂

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