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“Post Part-um” Blues

The last 2 days have been very educating. Not just has it thrown new light on certain people and organisation and the way they think and run, it has also thrown up a few interesting points.

A certain post of mine was  targeted in an orchestrated way. Whereas the post was completely private  and voiced my opinions, it was taken, to my chagrin, in a very serious way. Well, thank you for making me such an integral part of your lives and your hatred. Am sure, with all the venom spent, my new slew of detractors must be feeling rather happy and good; and less hateful.

I had to take the post off of public view (haven’t deleted it), as it had started interfering with my professional life. I clearly do not mix personal and professional. And so I did, what I did. Besides, I was getting a little tired of being targeted as the lone bull to the multiple spears. My opinions, however, remain the same. Unchanged.

The other point that came to the fore is why was a stellar event that so well received (as I was told) did not get any post event publicity? Would I be blamed if there was no post-event write-ups?

Typically, every event gets a pre and post. Unfortunate that all it got as a post, was my post. Fortunate that it was drummed up so heavily. Fortunate that I (and this blog) found so much mindspace in the minds and hearts of many. Unfortunate, that hatred is blinding and it was clearly misconstrued.

Thank you all, detractors, supporters and friends. Calmdev remains as he was, calm and strong!


One comment on ““Post Part-um” Blues

  1. vibhabhatt
    June 29, 2011

    wen i had read “tht” post.the reaction u got was expected.u had the guts to write but guess….its not the case on the other side…………keep up “ur” opinions” and mey they never “RIF”…..i love ur blogs……….every word worth reading (keeping dictionery handy)………. 🙂

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