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Kenya part 5 Trapped

Questions are bound to pop up whilst one is in Nairobi. All one has to do is look around and one can see the gap!

Why is there such bad publicity about the city that it is nicknamed ‘Nai-robbery’?

Why is there rampant unemployment?

Why is there so much corruption? Not in the Utopian sense.

Why are people so desperate?

Why is the voice of Kenyan intelligentia unheard?

Why is there serious dearth of money when there are millions that come in via tourism and agriculture?

Why is the youth sitting aimlessly in the middle of the road?

Why is food stuff in supermarkets and in restaurants so costly?

Reports state that the Kenyan economy grew since 2009. Why is it that the common people didn’t see any improvement in their lifestyles? 

On May Day, there were demonstrations and rallies in front of the Parliament. We could see it from our hotel window and the papers carried it the next morning.

These questions have been in the minds of most Kenyans. Where nature had blessed Kenya in abundance, economics had made it abject. Politicians are still creaming the masses who are left screaming. Crime rates are soaring sky-high and nobody is safe, not the politicians and neither the tourists. When man is left desperate and hungry, there isn’t a chance that he would not take.


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