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Conquering Corruption

It takes one Anna Hazare to see the real nature of people. Might  I specify, media people. But it takes one long hard look. 

Media people have long started behaving like vultures over a carcass. When it is all bare down to the bones, they quickly move down to the next carcass. I do not exempt myself from this tribe, since I have cared to belong to it for the last 10 years of my life. But I do certainly do not belong to the sensationalist, ‘let’s-get-some-mileage’ piggy-backing sorts.

One man’s protest against corruption is getting publicity of all colours. One man’s sincere efforts to be heard and make a point is being tom-tom-ed like cheerleaders in the IPL matches.

I heard somebody mention on radio today that Anna should succeed in his efforts as that would help India win more World Cups! How lame! How far-removed from reality are people who proudly claim an active media-life!

An excited expat radio jockey in Dubai makes an excited statement by getting in touch with an Indian news channel to show the support they are garnering by ‘feeling‘ for the cause. Deep. Then there will be related soft stories about good energy, signing online petitions, ‘liking’ status updates, starting Facebook pages that people join… the circus rolls on! Oh! And did you know there is a page on Facebook on somebody famous called Mahatma ‘Ghandi‘! The plot is all lost.  

A quick update about the same on Facebook definitely speaks volumes about the commitment for democracy and justice. Something that will be discussed later, over a glass of wine. And later forgotten, once the make-up comes off. While some unfortunate ones in other media houses, might be cursing themselves for missing an opportunity of ‘contributing’ to a good cause.  

The Indian population in UAE is talking about Anna Hazare or the Lokpal Bill is just as talked about as Punam Pandey. I am not taking anything away from the brave, old man; just that there many protests that happen in front of Jantar Mantar in New Delhi. The Indian expat doesn’t get affected and hence do not care.

Sometimes, letting things take their course shapes a better tomorrow. Sometimes, not seeking publicity and not riding on something profitable, cash or otherwise, speaks of responsible media stance.


4 comments on “Conquering Corruption

  1. Ankit Ojha
    April 8, 2011

    For half-an-hour it was difficult for me to even think of anything else. That’s the harsh reality of life I guess! Yet again, an unabashedly terrific writing sense coupled with some real hard-hitting stones of realization thrown upon yourself as a reader and as a media-person.

    Makes me wonder though, if Anna Hazare was never promoted, then would the world care and unite the way the whole world agrees to it now?

    April 9, 2011

    I totally agree with ur views on the stand taken by media in the recent past few years to literally sensationalise an issue to such an extent that the viewer gets ‘numb or cut-off from the reality totally’, so much so that one becomes least bothered with the outcome of that issue. Watching the coverage of ‘Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption’ was no different….believe me, I felt like, I was watching an extension or season-2 of “PEEPLI LIVE”….the only difference being that there were no bets or no sms requests from viewers as to whether ‘Anna Hazare will survive or not’….small mercies. Deep at my heart, I know, we require a big, big revolution of the scale of “FRENCH or the recent Tunisian/Egyptian Revolutions”……when & how will it happen, God Only Knows….till then, SUCH GRAND CIRCUSES WILL GO ON & ON…..

  3. Dev J Haldar
    April 9, 2011

    @Ankit: I know the feeling
    @Hari: Agree. Not that I am against causes, but making it a circus and ‘ticketing’ it something that makes me abhor media-men with passion

  4. Roohi Rizvi
    April 9, 2011

    Totally agree with you Dev..n trust me wen i find ‘tht category of’ people using it for their selfish motive i find myself losing all intrest in support of the cause ! Anyhow if the determined target is reached then whosoever came in lime-light hardly matters. Let they be pleased tht way. But the question is..all wht is thought n planned…will tht be attained or not? Coz Its no picnic!

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