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There are a few calendar dates when I want to be underground or hibernate or just vanish without a forwarding address. 14th February happens to be one of those.

I cannot stand how the world goes on a pink and red overdrive! I am amazed at how easily we rely on borrowed words to profess our love!

I feel sugary beyond expression when I see the entire world turn everything in heart-shapes; from cakes to cards. In fact I feel sorry for the heart shape. Much like love being an over-rated feeling, I feel the heart shape is the most abused of the lot.

All gift shops get filled with teddy bears holding onto hearts with lovey-dovey messages or woeful looking puppies. Why doesn’t anybody gift a ferocious looking tiger or a dinosaur instead of teddy bears? Those bears, I tell you, are far from extinction! 

I hate the fact that flowers are more expensive. Why would I pay 10 times the normal price for a frail looking rose bud that the florist pushes saying that it will bloom into a big rose and in reality, it dies a bud?

I do not like the fact that restaurants are either (over) booked or will not be able to do delivery as all their delivery boys are busy. And a special Valentine menu, my foot! Draw a pink strawberry gelly heart over anything and there you go! Viola, your Valentine menu is ready!

And I do not comprehend why we obsess over a toddler with a weapon in his hand! Usually we would run for life, or call the child’s parents and give an earful or maybe call a doctor and discuss this on Oprah. But when Cupid brandishes his bow and arrows, we all gush in mush.

Having said all this, I do admit that I am a very romantic sort of person. I have, in insane moments, bought chocolates and heart-shaped useless things. I also succumbed to the pressures of having a Valentine and celebrating it for a couple of years. Recently I came across an interview I gave to a local publication on what I would ‘love’ to do on V-Day and I almost threw up reading what I had said. Thankfully I am out of it and see the sheer wastefulness of a day ‘committed to love’.

Watching TV together, with a limb on either partner or ordering food at home and eating while watching a film is a better day as compared to the commercial V-Day!


4 comments on “V-Day

  1. Deep
    February 14, 2011

    Yeah…everything is infected with this pink sickness…yuck!

  2. Dev J Haldar
    February 14, 2011

    Totally agree…

  3. Sujay
    February 18, 2011

    Hey Dev,

    U admit you have been infected with the V day virus in your younger days and now, the mature (?) and dare I say it OLD Dev finds the same behavior repulsive! I agree with you on the need to control the commercial overkill.

    However, maybe, it still has place as a fun day in the calendar of young and restless who are active in the dating game and also for older, wiser, mature, greying (God, let me close my eyes!) guys (including myself) to be more vocal and open with their feelings for our wives.

    I think our partners don’t mind being treated in a special way on one day reminding them of the way we treated them in our dating days. Not that I manage more than a bunch of flowers for my wife on this day but it does act as a reminder to tell her how I actually feel for her. Else, I assume that she knows after so many years of marriage and there is no need for me to actually say or do any of those “crazy” things we did in our younger days. This year more so, since I’m away from home and family for the last 2.5 months and my wedding anniversary falls 4 days after V day which is today.



  4. Dev J Haldar
    February 18, 2011

    Happy returns to you and your missus Sujay.
    Am just a little diabetic on this sugary pink heart-shaped one-day mania…
    Deep inside, I still remain as romantic as ever! Ask my missus!

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