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Class difference

There is a class difference in the classrooms of today and the classrooms I studied in. My hint is not towards the fact that most modern-day classrooms are smart classes, with intelligent boards with memory, white boards and projectors etc. My hint however is towards the generation that come to class.

Children today have very short attention span. It is almost gold-fish like. After every 8 seconds, they need to be reminded where they are and who the teacher is. In its own way, it is a lot of fun as well. The challenges are tougher. Kids these days are fidgety. They have an i-pod plugged on in one ear as they give the other ear to me. Thank you, very grateful.

Students these days are multitaskers. They BlackBerry while the class is in progress. Ears to the teacher and eyes peeled on the screen. I cannot imagine the look all this would elicit from the teachers who taught me at school and university. They probably would have wheezed breathless in exasperation!

Students these days do not read. Newspapers, magazines and books are a waste of trees. Kids these days are happy in their bauble-filled world filled with violent virtual games, manga cartoons, irritating bubble-gum culture revolving around under-age pop stars and wasted film stars. 

As a teacher in the modern-day classroom, the other differential is the use of internet. The positive of having everything at the reach of a lazy click is also its biggest disadvantage. The internet is almost like those infamous clandestine centres that write projects in exchange for money. Barring a handful, most of my students have relied on the net more than they rely on their parents or themselves. Assignments are done in three steps: control A, control C and then control V. ‘Why re-invent the wheel?’ I am told.

Why would I read half a website printed in a student’s name? Why would a student not use or use their own brains and thinking powers?

I have acclimatised myself to the modern-day kid. I have developed the art of brushing aside any insulting feeling when students BBM each other or chew gum or just decide to catch up on precious sleep in class so that they can party late at night.

I love them and I get loved back. Maybe that is the bond that holds it all together.


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