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Cyber Death

There is a whole urgent rush to have your cyber footprint. It is almost like having a passport, or a driver’s license or a social security number. Not having a cyber identity automatically ostracises an individual and makes one feel less endowed, pun fully not intended.

Very recently, I saw my wife, quietly kill her Facebook account. Reminded me of a very popular British radio jockey in Dubai who committed ‘Twitter-cide’ as he deleted his account. Well, his cyber death didn’t last very long, he was back on the web, in this birth, on public demand. But I was looking at my wife, who committed ‘Facebook-cide’, if I may coin that one, and realised that technically she is an unlisted member of the human species. It is like living without a passport (or on somebody else’s identity) or maybe like living without a social security number. I know of friends and relatives who have their parents computer literate to have cyber identities. I know of 4 month babies who have their individual profiles on the web.

I so feel what I felt when I saw The Matrix for the first time, watching a crop of ‘engineered human crops’. There is a huge compulsion to be listed on the cyber world. I have a cyber footprint and don’t think I could stay without it. There are many who have multiple cyber identities and still haven’t broken down mentally; pun fully intended!

NO, cyber identities is not like having a passport or a driver’s license or a social security number. It is now a tool to look and pry and probe and penetrate. It is a tool to exhibit, display, flaunt and flash. It is a tool to compare one’s balance sheet with another friend’s. It is a tool that has taken away a lot of peace and privacy.

Cyber deaths, like that of my wife, prove that there is life in its simplicity.


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