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Circa 2010 via Facebook

30 Dec: Seriously thinking of growing my hair into a pony-tail… again. One last time!

23 Dec: Tees Maar Khan! Sparsely funny. More on my blog soon.

17 Dec: Sometimes, what’s broken doesn’t need to be mended. It needs to be destroyed completely; to be rebuilt again.

16 Dec: MJ on the stands with his new album. King of Pop lives on.

13 Dec: The reason why Sansui LCD TVs are not recording any sales is because they show Shania Twain Live on their display models.

5 Dec 10: “Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.” Anton Chekov

30 Nov 10: This is what a hoarding greeted me while heading out of Ras Al Khaimah – “Come back soon, we miss you already – RAK Airways”! Am dying of diabetes!

28 Nov 10: Prayer for my plans: please roll according to my event flow. At least try it this once!

26 Nov 10: It really does take on a new meaning when people say “keep in touch” to Pamela Anderson!

18 Nov 10: Just leant that yesterday was ‘Un-Friend Day’. Unwilling to let this opportunity pass, I will celebrate it today and take some ‘friends’ out of my list! Good knowing you!

13 Nov 10: Marks and Spencer launches a new underwear for men that sucks in the belly and squeezes the butts! Cheeky! But are they NUTS!!!

10 Nov 10: My friend thinks that after I die, I would be a very terrifying ghost! Imagine being haunted with variations in laughter and multiple voice-over options! I love my after-life career already!!!

7 Nov 10: Leafing through an old album and seeing a younger photograph of yours, probably reminds you, how different you have become now. No, it’s not just about age.

1 Nov 10: Do not envy the misfortune of man!

31 Oct 10: As heard on TV, presenter says that you can play music of any jon-ray (genre)! Press F1 for help!!!

28 Oct 10: My commiseration to Katie Price and Andrew Flintoff! nobody wants to buy their autobiographies for as little as AED 10/-

24 Oct 10: James Bond (1964) knocks out a goon who cringes in pain and then passes out, his face still cringing! Am loving this Bollywoodish exaggeration!

9 Oct 10: I just conquered an evil, 6-legged insect monster in a duel on the top deck of a bus… And the world is a safe place now. Wish I was working for Disney!

5 Oct 10: is going to be at the Sharjah Expo for the Career Fair 2010. You are welcome to join me as I host two sessions (walk-in free) on Wednesday 6 Oct and Thursday 7 Oct, on advertising and radio-TV respectively.

3 Oct 10: Starbucks coffee, easy reading, comfy leather couch, jazz for the ears, a bit of people watching – bliss!

1 Oct 10: The Ayodhya verdict is like an Indian family ordering soup at a Chinese restaurant!

30 Sep 10: Majority of Indians have silently boycotted the Commonwealth Games. The same majority doesn’t care who the disputed land in Ayodhya belongs to as long as peace is maintained. The mandate of this majority is just drowned by the opinions of the sectarian, political and religious right wings. Pity.

28 Sep 10: It’s a global village in my fridge crisper: pumpkin from Morocco, mushrooms from Oman, potatoes from Saudi Arabia, tomatoes from Australia, onions from India, brinjals from Egypt. 

28 Sep 10: “In order to attain a high standard of living, you have to do low standard (of films)”, Sir Michael Caine.

21 Sep 10: Fine blended Harrod’s coffee! Ah! It is a good morning!

8 Sep 10: Is open to be invited for dinner tonight! 😉 Good conversation preferred. No outstation offers please.

3 Sep 10: Am a little short on humour here. US Department of Transport claims that cause of UPS plane crash in Dubai could be the quality of fuel used!!!!

26 Aug 10: TV weekdays, radio weekends!

24 Aug 10: Why do I crave food when am in my shorts and its beyond human hours to order in what I want?

22 Aug 10: Dev is sad at the disappointing results of his experiment. Never mix two different shower gels. Now I have shower ‘mousse’ in the dispenser and it takes long time for it get dispensed!

19 Aug 10: Proposes that we all lobby for a National Award for Maggi 2 Minute Noodles!!! As precise as a classical piece, as satisfying as spirituality and nourishing like nature!

17 Aug 10: Recommends the lamest vox pops on Emirates News on Dubai One! Can’t get over this one – is it easy to get scammed? *Yawn*

17 Aug 10: There is something good about a 2am coffee and retro English music on the phones! 🙂

15 Aug 10: This Independence Day get a grip – over ‘liking’ a patriotic song; over forwarding country maps via phone applications; over turning everything into tricolours! Get a grip please. This Independence Day, can we promise ourselves freedom from sensationalism?

14 Aug 10: The peaks and troughs of life!

8 Aug 10: What? A burqa for BlackBerry??? May I suggest a few more – a bandana for the Hummer, a brolly for the date palm and maybe shades for the Merc headlights!!!

4 Aug 10: Dinner time: nice fat New York steak, well done; with pepper sauce, veggies and corn on the cob! Scrumptious! Ok, wipe your mouth now… and don’t drool here.

1 Aug 10: TRA UAE announces cancelling BlackBerry services in October 2010. No mails, no BBMs. Hope the Berry does something before consumers shift to some other fruit.. the Apple maybe?

23 Jul 10:  I like the road less travelled. Only when it is on Nat Geo.

27 June 10: Is feeling like Ivan Lendl trying for Wimbledon!

25 June 10: The hurt is still fresh, the pain – numbing… Can’t believe it’s been a year without you. Miss you sorely MJ…

13 June 10: Life’s a game of snakes and ladders. More chances of meeting snakes than climbing ladders. I’d rather slip a ladder than meet a snake!

9 June 10: Irritated with most radio jockeys in the UAE! Why the hell do they speak over song heads and tails? Spoils everything! No wonder I prefer a CD over radio.

8 June 10: Customer service at its best. Witnessed a Du representative get into a verbal spat that ended in a scream-fest where this fellow was screaming gibberish to out-din the voice of the customer! refreshing, isn’t it?

7 June 10: Today on the menu – Garden Fried Rice and yoghurt! And the inspiration: Gusteaux!!!

2 June 10: Sometimes better to be the grass, than the Oak.

20 May 10: Weekend motto: I have immense respect for beer!

17 May 10: When you don’t have TV, you check your DVDs for repeat value.

3 May 10: And for those who had doubts: I do love my wife more than my car!

30 Apr 10: It doesn’t matter what you think. What matters is what you do.

27 Apr 10: A man’s ruin lies in his tongue!

22 Apr 10: The world’s a strange co-habitation of idealists and sarcastics! Though the scale tips towards the latter eventually!

19 Apr 10: Just got a haircut that resembles Jack Nicholson’s. Without the baldness, of course!

16 Apr 10: Thanx to all messaging and networking ease of access, I don’t remember when was the last time, people wrote their name, as is; without the irritating pneumonics like heart, smiley, arrows, brackets, slashes, commas, finger signs. Soon names on passports will read like asterix D slash E hyphen V thumbs up slash heart! Huh!!!

16 Apr 10: When pain is constant, it becomes a companion!

14 Apr 10: In life we are taught to see and judge things as right and wrong; good and bad, white and black…. till life introduces gray. White and Black are the two extremes, gray is the middle path. Don’t we all want to walk the middle path?

11 Apr 10: Facebook sure is becoming far more effective and with a greater reach than the humble newspaper. Checking status tells you news ranging from international, national, domestic, personal, sports and gossip. No wonder, each morning, I check FB with groggy eyes before settling for the newspaper on the pot. MZ, take a bow!

7 Apr 10: Is wondering how various moral policing groups haven’t targetted Nigella Lawson for gastronomic pornography!

4 Apr 10: As seen on a Facebook personality page – an expat Indian based in the US, obviously moved by Smita Patil’s earthy beauty writes to her that he is a ‘great’ fan of hers and has been ‘following’ her for long and now wants to meet her! Now what’s the easiest way to heaven? One way please!

2 Apr 10: Rather than being sorted, I’m better off being assorted!

31 Mar 10: How will you win when am not playing your game!

27 Mar 10: Will Elton John be able to see his keys and Santana his strings during Earth Hour? Anyways this one hour once a year deal is such a gimmick! It’s like celebrating Mother’s Day.

26 Mar 10: “We think too much, feel too little”

25 Mar 10: “What do we do Charlie?”

24 Mar 10: Am dreaming of food I know not where to find.

22 Mar 10: It’s all I can do for you son. Watch and learn all you can. And change your stars – A Knight’s Tale.

21 Mar 10: Is feeling proud of his student Aliya who secured a second position in the equestrian endurance race (and made it to the papers with the Dubai ruler). Well done, habibti!

19 Mar 10: I proved my risk-taking abilities when I married my wife (Anindita Chatterjee)

19 Mar 10: 100% original ideas for some really meaningless yet innovative corporate gifts – socks with feet massagers, monkey caps with a branded sun-shade, gloves with Mont Blanc cuff links, mufflers with visiting card holders and ties with a sipper connected to a hidden alcohol pouch! I could come up with more, if somebody plans mass production and a healthy commission.

11 Mar 10: featuring this weekend – a rare meeting of Total Filmi and Bumper to Bumper, Delhi chapter.

6 Mar 10: This is a survey to see if we are the most demented couple or not: Have you ever played thumb-wrestling while waiting for your turn in a bank?

5 Mar 10: My wife has more toothbrushes than teeth!

4 Mar 10: Desert Rose! Live tonight!

2 Mar 10: Describing Dubai roads after a furious downpour: puddlette, puddle and puddlosaurus!

28 Feb 10: They build the world’ tallest and yet no drains!

27 Feb 10: some author claims that Sachin Tendulkar has consistently, over 21 years of international cricket, stood for Marathi pride. Bull *beep*

19 Feb 10: “jo man ka ho, so achha… jo na ho, vo aur achha”

16 Feb 10: Facebook has given birth to another new breed – that of pop psycologists! Run!!!

13 Feb 10: K-Jo’s My Name Is Khan is like asking an entertainment journalist to cover the Afghan war. please stick to bubble-gum!

9 Feb 10: the concept of unconditionality in relationships is peeling my mental conditioning!

7 Feb 10: It is amazing how 17 year olds can make you feel 17 all over again!

6 Feb 10: I have many promises to keep, and piles of clothes to wash before I sleep!

2 Feb 10:  if a woman wears the pants in the relationship, the men have the right to a helmet!

29 Jan 10: The Indian state of Uttar Pradesh has, for long, been supplying leaders for India. Not just the Nehru-Gandhi family but two ‘most followed’ men as well. Ram and Krishna.

29 Jan 10: Funnily enough, these inter state skirmishes have been going on for a long time. It is believed that goddess Durga was a Bengali and Mahishasur was from Karnataka.

28 Jan 10: Dubai has taken the meaning of transplant to a newer level altogether – first they plant plants and then they transplant them to some other neighbourhood!

23 Jan 10: It is amazing to note how wonderful it feels to Facebook from your laptop after prolonged use of if on the BlackBerry screen ! I can see you all!

20 Jan 10: The deepest secrets stay locked in!

19 Jan 10: Dinner at Meridian with my wife of 4 years!

16 Jan 10: ‎2173F15D

14 Jan 10: Dont think a Thursday evening can get any better – a glass of whisky and some eclectic Indian classical for company!

13 Jan 10: Off late I’ve been thinking about the people I know and meet and I wonder, looking at them, that I am not a freak. They are! Am just a regular guy with some irregularities!

4 Jan 10: the needle that pricked Dubai’s bubble opens today! Let the fireworks begin!

31 Dec 09: never have I been happy for a year to end! 2009 is a chapter I can write a book on. But it sure has shown me things I hadn’t seen and taken me to places I hadn’t been to. Thank you for the experiences.
2010, here I come! Happy New Year everybody!


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