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Stray Cat

This is a safely kept dimension of life in the Middle East. Actually, it is wildlife. The hunger for having everything superlative and enjoying the ‘world’s best’ experience for a price tag, is well-known now. What I didn’t know was that wildlife was also included in it.

Today, a national daily in the UAE published a report of a cheetah that strayed on to the streets of Sharjah and thus causing panic. It was unclear whether the wild cat was kept as a pet. I am attaching the newspaper link here –

Ok, let us ask ourselves this question – where did the cheetah come from? As of now, a typical cheetah habitat would be the savannahs grasslands of Africa. Once, they roamed around in Asia and the Middle East as well. With the Asiatic cheetah becoming extinct in India in the early 1950s, they are found, primarily in Africa and a few in Iran as well.

Then again, let us ask ourselves this question – where did the cheetah come from? With a shrinking habitat and threats from other predators, man included, cheetahs are shrinking in numbers. It would not be a shocking story to know, if a local villager in cheetah-land, would ensnare a cheetah for money. And that captive cheetah could be found anywhere; probably in a villa as well!

So finally, let us ask ourselves – where did the cheetah come from? Spend a few useless hours on Facebook et al and you will find, as I did, profiles of young Middle Eastern men showing off their cache of exotic animals, including a cheetah as well. I was appalled when I saw a cheetah being housed in that fellow’s apartment!

All I am saying is that we must move away from the model of society of everything can be purchased for money. Some things, need to be respected for the way they have been designed by nature.

Let the wild cats be in the wild. Use that stinking money to buy yourself a safari and some over-priced photography equipment. Just, let the cheetah be!


One comment on “Stray Cat

  1. Deep
    December 9, 2010

    Hmmmm…….maybe it was a Don……jise jungly billiya pasand hai!!!

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