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Open Letter to Karan Johar

Dear Karan

I have been watching your chat show since it started. Apart from the promise of spilling beans, I do enjoy seeing celebrities chatter away in a friendly manner (maybe seemingly so), full of beans.

Off late, and in this season particularly, I have been a little disturbed with your behaviour. I am concerned Karan. I do not understand why you would invite guests and seek personal gratification. Allow me to present my observations before you ‘air-brush‘ me away with your typical hand gesture. This is not a jab at you. Just some feedback.

Whether it is dealing with a childhood where you were not accepted within your social groups because of a ‘weighty’ issue or the fact that your last few films have not been able to get a toe hold in audiences’ memories, I feel that your insecurity is now showing like your chest hair.

As a chat show host, and a good one at that, why would you have to include yourself in the goings-on of the show just because all your guests are filmmakers themselves? My hint is at your latest episode where Farah Khan, Imtiaaz Ali and Raju Hirani came over for a chat. Why would you include a vox-pop of Mumbaikars talking about your films when clearly you have three guests to take care of. Usually you have two guests on your show. You probably would argue that the foursome represent the present stock of directorial talent. I would respectfully disagree.

I do not understand this need of inclusion. Are you hurt and lonely? Numerous references to Ramgopal Verma seems to give you momentary relief; when all you want to do is b**** about him and bring the house down. Maybe you would want to try past-life regression on NDTV Imagine ; don’t you have stakes in that channel? Or maybe just have a good heart-to-heart with a non-filmy friend or just pay a shrink a visit under the cover of night?

Behaviour scientists do say that we all seek acceptance in what we do and within a certain social group. Exclusion on grounds of appearance (or the lack thereof), lack of material possession (even a rubber ball in childhood years) or simply not speaking the same language can cause behaviour problems later. Is that why you go back to giving examples from your life or recounting (in passing) the time when something happened on the sets of your film?

We will not be able to forget you Karan. Though I am not really a fan of yours, but the comparison is aimed more on the lines of not being able to forget a certain Sippy for Sholay, or a certain Verma for RGV ki Aag (!); you did deliver your best (K2H2 – Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai to the uninitiated). Besides, like Imtiaaz mentioned, you are adept at keeping the public memory fresh by the various things you do. Right from designing clothes for films, or producing them or hosting your chat show.

So, take it easy, I say. Please stop being insecure or whatever your shrink might diagnose. And let your guests do the talking on your show (rather than hear how coveted your coffee hamper is) lest you do become like a certain Suman who used to love talking more than his guests.

You are welcome to chat about this over a cup of freshly brewed coffee at my place. I make excellent coffee. And there will not be any performance pressure of signing coffee mugs.

Mwah… mwah… 



4 comments on “Open Letter to Karan Johar

  1. ladynimue
    December 1, 2010

    Perfect ! I felt the difference too being a fan of Karan !

  2. Phoenix
    December 1, 2010

    Nice one… hope Karan actually reads this one.

  3. Subho
    December 1, 2010

    Brilliant, Debu! Tweet the link to Karan. You can send a direct message to him if you follow him on Twitter. Cheers!

  4. Dev J Haldar
    December 2, 2010

    Thank you all!

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