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Now this is coming with quite a strong degree of discontentment. Displeasure that arises out of the fact that the premier mall in Abu Dhabi is not wired and I am stuck with a laptop and no connection. My smart phone is smart enough but it does not have the files that I need to access and mail to contacts. And so, I am stuck for the good part of the day, here at Marina Mall, sipping my tea and writing my blog on MS Word.

I had planned my day, as I do for other days. Drop my wife to work, reach Marina Mall, then grab a quick breakfast at Ikea and camp at Starbucks and get on with my work.

That was how I planned it.

This is how it happened.

Dropped wife off to office. Came to Marina Mall to realise that Abu Dhabi wakes up later than Dubai, maybe the sun takes time to reach here after reaching Dubai! Went in to Ikea to realise that they do not do the English breakfast like they do at Ikea, Dubai! So, a cold sandwich and coffee later, I started unpacking at Starbucks. Got my favourite tea and connected my laptop only to realise that there was no wi-fi! I must be imaging this! UAE believes in staying wired at all times. I went to the Sri Lankan boy behind the Starbucks counter and asked him if there was any connection. He regretfully said that Starbucks doesn’t have any Wi-Fi here!!! Neither was there any at the mall. Individual shops do have Wi-Fi connections but it is secured and is for their office use. Since I don’t have any other destination to go to, I decided to do maintenance work on my laptop. Cleaned it. Ran my malware scan. Will set it for defrag after I finish cleaning my sub-folders. Maybe I can edit my home video after defrag.

Another reason that has completely cheesed me off is the way Starbucks in Marina Mall run themselves. My tea came in a mug that had a deep crack inside and the tea bag was carelessly thrown in. The girl serving me my Earl Gray almost put milk in it and by now, I could either pull my hair out or throw the mug back at them. I need to calm down… Breathe in…. Breathe out… Breathe in… Breathe out.

Now we all know a mall is a mall is a mall is a mall. However, it did take me quite some time to see that in Dubai, a mall is more than just a retail space. It is a business space. Majority of malls have offices and hotels connected to them. Apart from shorts, vest and Crocs clad lads and ladies, one spots many in the grays and blues of business suits. Hit any Dubai mall food court during lunch time and you will get the drift. Things here in Abu Dhabi are rather laid back.

Just to re-visit my discontentment about Abu Dhabi and Dubai – the difference is clear. In the last 4 years, I haven’t been to a place in Dubai which wasn’t wired. Dubai doesn’t look sleepy at 0830 hours. Shops, malls and business establishments open doors early and close later than the marked timings in Abu Dhabi. City planning, parking, infrastructure, malls and no-smoking inside malls are all better implemented in Dubai as opposed to Abu Dhabi. As a counter-argument, one might have a thing or two to say about how Abu Dhabi is acting the big brother to Dubai. That is an argument for economists and statesmen. All I am saying is that, it is high-time that there be parity between vision and its implementation.


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