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Break Ke Baad

A man is known for the company he works for. Holds true if you watch debuting director Danish Aslam’s Break Ke Baad. Mr Kohli must be beaming like a proud mentor. But we are not.

This film is like having a dish at a restaurant that reminds you of three other dishes at different restaurants, and that takes away from the dish you are currently having.

Break Ke Baad

That should, pretty much, sum things up.

Now if a young love story as this is targeted at teens and the ‘young, directionless in love‘, then one might add how a film like Wake Up Sid managed to strike a chord with an audience that wasn’t all teenagers. The idea or plot certainly had merit, only if the handling was a little matured.

There genuinely was no acting in the entire film. Sharmila Tagore and Lilette Dubey were wasted, as was Shahana Goswami. One would tend to ignore the forced comic timing of Yudhistar Urs who tried walking the inspired walk of Crocodile Dundee a.k.a Jaaved Jafferi from Salaam Namaste.

Casting two young starlets (Imran Khan and Deepika Padukone) who we haven’t seen together is a good idea, but the storyline didn’t have gum enough to hold the two in any sort of screen chemistry. If my memory serves me right, Rahul Bose and Mallika Sherawat had better on-screen oomph.

There were a few moments that evoked smiles. Like there were moments in Ranbir Kapoor’s Anjaana Anjaani but they were insufficient to string together a whole film.

Music was bland. Like an insipid smoothie. 

Kunal Kohli probably would recover with multiple brand endorsements like Nestle’s Kit Kat (that asks you to take a break) and he could thank the multiplex masses going in to watch the film over the week-end. But try asking the name of this film next Friday!

There is one way to salvage this film. Compose a 15 minute song, get Sonu Nigaam to sing it and star in it and release it as a music video. That should do it. You have good locales from New Delhi to Gold Coast, the boy and girl are good-looking, good wardrobe, chics, beer and… well, I can’t seem to think anymore.

Right, time to get my hard drive out and select a good film for the rest of my week-end.

Oh! And one last thing. Everybody has seen the sitcom series Friends. So building a story out of Ross and Rachel fighting over whether it was a ‘break’ or a ‘break-up’ is not just a great idea. Take a break guys.



One comment on “Break Ke Baad

  1. Yasha Jai Lakshmi
    December 1, 2010

    Hi Dev,
    I love your reviews always on anything and everything, I just wanna add few things over here. There were many blown out of proportions sequences in the movie..Like the end. I mean come on get a life..the cards are printed, everything si fixed and the girl is just suppose to follow her gut feeling..what if she wants to come but dsnt get an air ticket..!! So yeah that was stupid.. and many more things.. But still I felt the story line they picked up and tried present was really good..
    I mean it definitely happens, speaking from the personal experience, believe you me, I went through exactly the same problem when I moved for work..exactly the same questions, fights, suggestions of Lets-not-talk-for-a-while crap..and all that.. Of course no one offered me a role in the movie and my boyfriend never started living in a new country and became a bawarchi…!! lol
    I wish Danish worked a little more on the movie.. it cud have been fantastic…Rest.. you are right about everything..No acting, actors wasted..and just nice wardrobe and beer.. 🙂


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