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Have you seen the selection of cooking oils, lately? It’s vast. Expansive. Exhaustive. And very confusing.

Gone are the days when the shampoo industry started making a horizontal progress and came up with a shampoo for all types of hair; even coloured. I remember standing in front of similar looking bottles of shampoos, wondering what type is my hair.

But today, I was left wondering, what type is my heart? Or rather, what type of oil would suit my heart? The supermarket had one entire wall of cooking oil. I walked the length and then back, undecisive about which bottle to pick.

This is not a decision between sunflower oil or corn oil or olive. It was a decision whether the promises stuck on each bottle was honest or not.

One claimed to be trans-fat free. Somebody explain to me what trans-fats are. My fats don’t transport anywhere, so should I pick this?

Another claimed to be cholesterol free. Doesn’t that sound to good to be true? Even cholesterol free burgers are not free of them. Somewhere, my chemistry teacher from school popped in my head, explaining saturated and unsaturated fats and one being good and the other bad. Now, was it chemistry or biology? Only if I was concentrating in class and not dreaming of my English teacher!

One bottle said ‘good for the heart’. Tell me, o oil company, that you fired the man who gave that line! Probably not. The world paid respects to the guy who coined ‘(Guiness) is good’!

Other bottles just read low fat frying oil. Nowhere did it reveal what oil was that? Castor?

I tried going by the pricing and even that wasn’t much of a help. All 2 litre bottles were priced close to each other. The differential being only one fifth of the currency.

So what oil do I use at home?

I did what all husbands do. A call to the wife. And in one fifth of a second, I picked up a bottle of cooking oil and walked towards the check out counter. Bless the wife!


One comment on “Turm-oil

  1. Sujay
    November 24, 2010

    Save yourself from wife’s scorn at picking the wrong oil and the heart-burn of all your efforts going waste in picking the right bottle. Take your wife along for grocery shopping. That’s what I do. Men are fit to pick only two kinds of bottles on their own-scotch and wine. Stick to them 🙂

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