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High Tea by the Sea

A friend took me to the coffee shop at the Ritz Carlton by Dubai Marina. He always spoke very fondly of the place. And as we drove up the ramp to the porch, I could see why he felt so. Driving through the assembly of palm trees, I seemed to be leaving behind me the hustle-bustle of Dubai Marina Walk and entering a place which could easily have some violins playing in the background.

A few paces from the well designed, fragrant reception, we stepped out in the balcony that was part of the coffee-house called the Library. It was indeed styled like a Cigar and Brandy room with intimate seating. The balcony was balmy and very leafy green with the waters of the Persian Gulf peeping from behind the swaying leaves of the trees. We were happily quiet. The place was charming!

We ordered for some tea and as an aside, the tea-selection was exhaustive! The exotic met the regular with a lot of panache! The tea was served in classic china-ware with the lion-crest pneumonic of the hotel-chain adorning the sugar container. I poured the golden liquid through a steel strainer, added a cube of sugar and as I sipped it, a strange sense of peace and laid-back happiness engulfed me.

There was just no way one could make out that this was tucked into one of the busiest bits of Dubai. From the balcony I saw the lovely manicured gardens with a small pathway that led to the white sands of the beach and beyond that I could see bits of the Palm Jumeirah, sea surfers, yachts and sun bathers.

A bunch of well dressed people sat on the right-wing of the garden, having their own party. Tailored suits and ties vied with LBDs and fancy headgears. And then from the left I saw the bride and the groom approach the group. What a wonderful venue for a close and intimate wedding! She was in traditional white with a bouquet in hand and he was a fitting silver-grey suit. One could hear the claps and the gasps as the new man and wife walked in, towards them and then the flash bulbs went off for a few moments. A few short speeches and some mellow music drifted our way as we two concentrated back on our teas and conversation.

We stayed in there for long. watching the wispy white clouds catch a hue of pink and orange from the setting sun. It felt that I was transported to a holiday resort that  overlooked the sea and nothing else but greens around it. I got up from my seat and started scanning the scene like a film camera would track. I started from the left… the infinite skies, leafy greens, the gardens in front, the beach, the shimmering emerald blue waters of the sea, a glimmering new hotel on the Palm, shining bright like some luxury liner, the wedding party eating on the lawns and on the far right I suddenly saw a reverie-piercing yellow coloured crane, crane its irony sinews over the building wall. And just that rudely reminded me that I was still in Dubai.



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