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Happy Un-Friend Day!

I got to know it a little late. That yesterday i.e., 17 November was ‘Un-Friend Day’. Clearly it is something related to the newest fad for us all – social networking; specifically Facebook. Another one of those fancy ‘days’ but this one sure seems very useful.

I am just a little repentant that I missed the opportunity. How grand would it have been if I could announce it to all those people who sit quietly on my friend list claiming to be my friends, that I am dropping them. Do not get me wrong, I am pretty pro-Facebook and quite regular with it as well. Neither am I trying to be anti-trend in a fashionable way or just trying to screaming to be heard.

My cry of frustration pertains to those few individuals who send me friend requests because they have 12 common friends. Good for you! Do I really want to make friends with you because you know a few people I know? Nice try!

My grouse is aimed at those individuals who have worked with me, at some point in time but never were we great colleagues much less friends for us to keep in touch.

Then there are prowlers. People who just want to see what I am up to and on a day of boredom, poach friends from my list, more so if the people are of some repute.

And genuinely, what is the point here? Sending a friend request without a few lines written is slightly rude. It is not proper social networking etiquette. Does one really want to be friends with me and never talk / mail / text / call me? Well, you might, but I don’t.

I am sorry, maybe I really do not understand the attributes of friendship or maybe, I am just plain, old-fashioned.

Well, though a day belated, I ‘think I will celebrate Un-Friend Day on my status update and brush out those who want to continue riding without a ticket.


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