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Tumbler List

This is not a bucket list.

Let me just call it a tumbler list as this list is smaller in magnitude, but greater in immediacy. There are many things that I have wanted to do or procure for a long time and for some reason or the other, haven’t managed to do yet. Now I am trying to list them down just so that I can prioritise them or just feel miserable at not having done it by now.

Here goes:

1. Repair glasses

2. Get new spectacle frames

3. Throw a party at home for few close friends.

4. Celebrate my 35th.. oh well, it is gone now…

5. Upgrade my car

6. Get contact lenses done. Unable to use my Ray-Bans without them.

7. Need a good laptop! Very urgent.

8. Upgrade internet connection. That would mean more interaction with service provider Du which, at the idea level, is exhausting and very, very cumbersome. Have  to do it someday.

9. Pay electricity bill and ask DEWA to mail the bill to new address and also via e-mail.

10. Fire the cook. She makes a mess of the kitchen. Anybody got a better cook?

11. Need new home furniture. Upgrade time!

12. Want to start a media production company with my wife and a very god friend. Just that I am beat on busines acumen.

13. Need to travel. A lot more. A huge lot more.

14. Re-start reading on Egypt. Maybe another trip would help.

15. Buy music CDs from Virgin Stores. Need to replenish World, Jazz, Celtic and anything else that suits my fancy. A brilliant 2 CD pack of James Cook, a 3 CD pack of Era (fusion of world and Celtic) would be a good start. And Eagles live in Concert video.

16. A Harmon Kardon 5.1 home theatre system. I love the thump.

17. Need a new wardrobe. New tees and couple of jeans and a pair of shoes would be great.

18. A Batman tee shirt. And a Superman hoodie.

19. Buy my wife a gift.

20. Procure a DSLR zoom lens and a UV filter.

21. Go in for a spa. My neck and back are screaming for one.

22. Renew my swanky gym membership. The one in our building is quite under-powered.

23. Overall, just speed up my life. Need a better micro-processor.


One comment on “Tumbler List

  1. Lilliam Bayer
    November 27, 2010

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later…

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