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Course I knew that men apply makeup before shooting on film. I had, on earlier occasions, been through the rigour of submitting my face to the deft fingers of another man, who would carefully outline, colour and fill my face. Talk about close encounters! Before interviews on NDTV or for a Digital talkies shelved serial, I did apply makeup. It was a funny experience as well.

I was particularly thinking of Ross from the successful series Friends who was exposed to applying lipstick when he was a little boy. Wonder how he would have reacted when lipstick was applied on my lips. Carefully were my lips outlined and then filled and then I was asked to purse and rub my lips against each other to smoothen out the lipstick!!!! O horror, o horror!

Despite a kick to machismo, I did what I was asked to, feeling suitably in touch with my feminine side. I was having flashes of how my folks would react to the scene of colour being smeared on my lips – my parents, my wife who would be grinning and teasing me, my sister-in-law who would side up for me yet not spare a jab, some of my friends; till finally I had to shut off the slideshow in my head. This was a job and I had to do it. And it had to look good on screen.

Make up over, I flitted to Sheikh Rashid Auditorium which was one of the venues for Gitex 2010 where I was scheduled to shoot at the Microsoft corner. I was trying to ignore the surprised look I was getting from visitors and stall owners, especially from girls who probably thought I was competing against them with so much cake on my face. Nonetheless, keeping in minds the words of Amitabh Bachchan on how to ignore public and concentrate on the work at hand, I confidently strode up to where the camera crew was waiting for me. I was introduced to the business development head for Microsoft and we got chatting about how we would string in the questions and so on and so forth. The director explained the shot, showed me the frame and asked me to get ready for the shot. I jotted my points and realised that my throat was parched, decided to have a quick swig of water before facing the camera. I opened a bottle of mineral water and poured some in a glass and drank it up. And just as I was keeping the glass on the table, I realised that that was the most estrogenic moment of my life. I had my lip marks on the glass!!!

I had never, ever imagined that this were to happen to me. I felt like a girl. My lipstick clad lip marks on the glass. In that room filled with men, I was the only one who left a mark, indelible in my memories, for sure.

Sure there are the perils of shooting with make up on. Note to self, never drink water from a glass with lipstick on.

Don’t use a straw either.


2 comments on “Estro-genic

  1. Mickey Raina
    November 11, 2010

    This is hilarious.
    …this early morning , as I was surfing the Facebook , I stumbled upon your FB profile.
    Switching over to your website, I wholeheartedly enjoyed your writing skills.
    Usually I have the morning newspaper with my tea, but today I finished my tea with your blog.
    This is hilarious.
    Congratulations dear.

    • Dev J Haldar
      November 11, 2010

      Why, thank you so much Mickey! Glad I could snatch your morning papers away! 🙂

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