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Our Tomorrow

Children of various schools in the UAE will illustrate on tiles, their wishes for a greener tomorrow.

The tiles will be collated into a giant mural and displayed at the Emirates Heritage Club, Abu Dhabi on the 3rd of November, 2010.

All proceeds from the tiles will go to WWF and the Future Centre.

This is what a roll-up stand read. Incidentally ideated by my wife for the architectural firm she works for in Abu Dhabi. She called me from work to check if I could come over and help her team make giant murals with the 100s of ceramic tiles. Sounded fun and more like an opportunity to do what we did last in school. And in the next half hour, I was on my way to AUD.

I pulled up by the wharf off Benouna Street by the Emirates Heritage Club. It felt like attending an art workshop after school hours.

A quick walk through the old, royal structure, I entered a massive majlis complete with huge aircons and a cold drink freezer albeit locked. And on the floor were tiles. Millions of them. Grouped in hues of blue, green and red. Another section with animal motifs.

Our Tomorrow


Before I pulled up my jeans and joined my wife and her colleagues make patterns with the tiles, I took my time to marvel the work.

Young minds with very simple ideas. Had almost forgotten the power of simple thinking. Messages from keep oceans blue and the cities green. Frolicking dolphins and gaunt whales in blue waters to city scapes against fuschia sky and leafy patterns in myriad green, it was a sight to see.

A road with a sign banning all motors particularly pleased me. A tile in French with the words Notre Planete Bleue (our Blue Planet) looked classy and riveted thoughts to how we were introduced to out planet. Impressions of angry tigers, flamboyant peacocks and cartoonised animal faces really showcased the kids’ artistry. Such control with strokes, such use of colours and textures filled me with amazement!

Sponsors and a high net-worth individual involved in this project would be making their money and spin PR stories on corporate social responsibility. But when you take away all the vested interests, what stays back is the simple idea of Our Tomorrow.

How do want it to be?


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