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The Promised Land

Ayodhya was once a very peaceful land. It was inhabited by peace-loving people. It boasted of a kind, people’s king. The King’s son was dutiful and conscientious. Though there were a few controversies, but he gracefully sailed through it all. 

This ideal King and Kingdom became famed all over India and modern day politicians decided to model the country and its administration on those lines. And so, it all started. 

The Promised Land

The Promised Land at Ayodhya

Today, the Indian High Court delivered the verdict on the controversy regarding the mythical King’s son’s birthplace which incidentally was also where a 16th Century mosque once stood. In 1992, right wing religio-political activists tore down the mosque, triggering long bouts of communal disharmony. 

It was funny to see the media frenzy, the lawyers babbling, the political speculation and one nation having sectarian hiccups!

Funny? I say that because the fundamentals on which the indian democracy is built, is doddering. Secularism is prey to sectarianism. Plurality is abused by religious bigotry. 

Funny? As the mythical (and I stress mythical here) King’s mythical son Ram has filed a petition in the court! 

Funny? I say that because nobody in India, today has the vision or the tolerance that Swami Vivekananda had when he designed the ‘math’ at Belur in Kolkata that resembles four different houses of worship, but is ONE single structure.

Funny? I say that because we make smart copy in ad agencies for promoting communal harmony saying “Diwali has Ali in it and Ramadan has Ram”.

Funny? As most religious zealots don’t know and those who do, don’t want to reveal that the Hindu God Lord Ram they so revere and consider as the perfect man, actually committed suicide to end his life.

Sometimes giving up for greater good is necessary. The average Indian holds an opinion for an evening before forgetting it to the daily traffic jams to work, earning his salary, running his business and ensuring that his family is hale and hearty. One movie and a cricket match later, he probably wouldn’t care. Just that he might not say it aloud.

I am only petitioning for peace. The damage was done years back and the damage control looks more damaging.


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