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Commonwealth Blames!

Loads have been written and still are about the Commonwealth Games (CWG) due to begin in India. The CWG is more news generating than any other scam, coup or criminal proceeding. Every day dawning to the run-up is pushing India deeper and deeper into global infamy. And as an Indian expat, sitting in the UAE, the view is not good at all. 

Sure, the wealth of the common has been garnered and put into various infrastructural activities for the Commonwealth. That necessarily doesn’t mean that the monies were well utilised. Count the number of times the CWG has been in the news for the wrong reasons and you will have your answer. 

New roads are more pock-marked than the surface of the moon, designated bus lanes are stripped, water logging due to monsoons looks like a flood situation, save the relief aid and tents. This is just the build-up. 

But there’s more. Stadiums are dug up, new stadiums are not likely to be ready till the next Olympics, games villages are not upto global standards, unhygienic, unsecured and just not good enough. And to top it all, newly made foot-bridges are as strong as glucose biscuits dipped in tea. It fell, blame the lose nut that came off. Or the roof that caved in. Usually, in situations like these, we end up making a publicity video with Bollywood stars in them. Maybe some agency is already suggesting that to the CWG Committee!!! Throw in some Khans and add some Rahmans… that should fix it!

Organising Committee Chairman Suresh Kalmadi is the only rare dino alive in India. Making statements like “We are ready for the Games” or “Things here are world standard” in the face of bridges falling off hinges, doesn’t build a good image but makes him look like last of an extinct species.

Wonder how would he react to the fact that an Australian journalist purchased explosives in New Delhi and took it back to the Commonwealth Games High Security Zone? Kalmadi probably is just covering his eyes and plugging his ears! Shame. 

In macro view, what we have done to ourselves that we have successfully reconstructed a lazy, laid-back, corrupt and incompetent image for ourselves.

This time around, with the level of unprecedented unpreparedness, the organisers have taken it beyond national shame.

Friday, 24 September 2010


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