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The Story of 200

When the note was minted, like all notes, it was inspected.

If the ink was bleeding or the water mark unclear, it would have been discarded.

And then on, the 200 dirham note started its denominational life.

AED 200

The 200 isn’t as old as the others in the family. In fact it was the youngest, and like the youngest in the herd, it also was the weakest. Not many were minted in the last year of 80. Then it made a comeback in May 2008. We would understand that a comeback would mean a stronger return. Unfortunately, the newest AED currency note does have some ‘take off’ issues.

Torn, tattered, taped and notes of all disabilities are accepted by all money disbursing machines. Not the 200 dirham note.

In fact, all RAK Bank ATM’s clearly state, they don’t accept them. I have also seen a handful of people checking the note against light lest it be counterfeit. So, it does have a defect then.

And today, the parking meter at Dubai International Airport was completely adamant about not receiving the 200. In fact, each time I slotted the note, the machine just ‘passed the buck’ back to me.

You wonder why? Why is it that currency notes that should retire or sit in an old age home for currency notes were still being accepted by these machines and not the crisp, firm and shiny 200? What might the problem be? Why is the 200 being ostracised? I did have many more questions and some emotional expressions that I dare not spare here. Instead, I did what a war strategist would have done. Use a 20 where you can’t use a 200. 


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