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Lafangey Parindey

There is an immense pleasure in writing this film review as I am not in any hot seat. I don’t have to run a film trade analysis business or a radio station where I must please India’s largest film production house. I do have a friend who manages the Dubai branch, but am sure he will understand my predicament.

Right, let’s start with the name! Why not add a ‘Kaminey’ before ‘Lafangey’ and a ‘Badmaash’ before ‘Parindey’. The name is as attention grabbing if Hollywood would have made a film called ‘Hotter Shots’. You get what am saying, eh?

Now, for the casting. Positives first. Thank God they didn’t sign up Rani Mukherjee for this one. Now the negatives: hiring a man with a name that you would mistake for a trio is a bad choice. It will take some more time for Neil Nitin Mukesh (I told you!) to get the pull to last a film as the lead. I soften when it comes to Deepika. Her smile, dimples and demeanour compensates for the lack of empathy in her acting.

Now, this where a Peepli Live scores with no-namers who keep you to your seats. Take note of that!

Lafangey Parindey Film Poster

Lafangey Parindey Film Poster

Director’s turn now. I am beginning to imagine that Pradeep Sarkar’s Parineeta was a fluke! Could well be because the story was penned by a literature behemoth and was tried and successfully tested on celluloid before Sarkar. Bhansali too had that advantage when he made Devdas but let’s not touch the ‘hammy’ bits there. Okay, so Sarkar followed Parineeta with a sad flop (Laga Chunri Mein Daag) and now LP looks to join the ranks. So, was Sarkar a better video director? Err, would Ken Ghosh like to answer that?

Obviously Sarkar was more intently copying the slo-mo action style of Guy Ritchi’s Sherlock Holmes that he didn’t notice his hero, who was bloodied and bruised and cut and bled from the nose like my kitchen faucet that there were no marks on his face when he was skating with Deepika. What cream was he using?

There was a particular accident scene in the first half and that looks straight out from a 70’s film! Such bad stunt and computer graphics, it makes Ramayan’s arrow kissing arrow worth a second watch!!!

Besides Sarkar was high on Christopher Nolan’s Memento (the one they spoilt when they made Ghajini). The first portion of the film is templated on Memento’s screenplay. Is it because most Indian audiences haven’t seen Memento – was that the presumptious thought behind the blatant screenplay templating? Don’t answer that. That’s a rhetoric.

So it does get quite disappointing to be dished a mediocre fare, with no glue and not much to remember about. They ran a scene from Amitabh Bachchan’s Kala Patthar (better days when such classics were produced by Yashraj) and that is exactly what this film needed. It required the anger, sometimes misplaced anger that Bachchan portrayed in his films. That presence that makes the character stand out strongly and distinctly as opposed to designer-denim-tight-shirt-clad Albino (no offense to Albinos) looking actor.

Sorry, sheer waste of time. Even the popcorns didn’t taste that good!

Pradeep Sarkar, sir, still a fan of your work. Don’t jeopardise that.


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