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Kiddin’ Myself!

We are a strange species.
When we are young, we want to grow up. And when we get old, we want to be young all over again.

Ants are not like that. They just want to be ants.

Sparrows are not like that. They just want to be sparrows.

Dolphins are not like that. They just want to be dolphins.

Why has this been genetically engineered into our kind?

I understand that wanting to be young again, is usually an escape route. It is fine to take care of homework and the bully in class. You don’t have to worry about losing a job or the elusive promotion or the measly salary hike.

And wanting to be older is just a power trip. Bigger shoes, bigger role. More freedom. Just that we are too short-sighted to see the bigger responsibilities and the constant wrestling with circumstances.

I remember, as a child, how comforting it used to be to bounce into bed and pull up the cold quilt over myself, waiting for it to get warm.

I have a quilt, which I have bought with my own money.

I have a good bed too.

I just miss that comfort.


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