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I Hate Luv Storys

Let me guess… how did K-Jo figure this one out… that I hate love stories! Specially of the sort he made this time.

Bad idea to put money on his AD-turn-director Punit Malhotra who has dished a sort of semi-autobiographical setting of his characters. Imran is an assitant director in the film, much like Punit was in two K-Jo films.

Anyways, back to the story… actually what story are we talking about?
The film lacks the gum to hold you on to. The acting or the lack of it is enough to put you off to sleep.

Imran Khan is his JTYJN self – perky, impish and casual. He is good at that but not good enough to drag a film on. Sorry Avantika… points to Ranbir again!

Sonam Kapoor is already over-rated in a Kajol-like manner. Thank God she isnt as screechy as K-Jo’s muse. In fact Sonam needs some serious voice training to be able to modulate her voice. I am not commenting on her acting skills. Maybe Anil Kapoor would like to blame the editing for her bad acting!

There was a particular Tee-shirt that Imran was wearing that said ‘Bollywood sucks’
Couldnt agree any more!

If this is what Bollywood is going to churn out to its audience like it has this year for weeks on end, then I am sure that the percentage of DVD watchers will certainly rise.

Anybody got any pirated DVDs?

1 July 2010


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