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Raavan is a good experiment gone wrong! Horribly wrong!

The goods first. Getting a good dose of what you should expect from a Mani Ratnam film – brilliant cinematography (thanx to ace Santos Sivan), fantastic frames and colouring of the landscape. In fact the locales look so fresh, you can almost feel the foggy twang of the misty waters on your skin.

Thumping music by maestro A R Rahman. Many would complain that the music isn’t familiar and the likes, but usually one has to give time for Rahman tunes to grow on you. ‘Beera‘ and ‘Thok De‘ definitely strike the chord.

Finally, fairly good casting – but that is where you have to draw the line, because the ‘wrongs’ start with this.

Abhishek Bachchan tried too hard to scare and except for a few scenes, is not convincing.

Aishwarya Rai is a scream queen again. Why can she not ‘use’ her voice better? It is the classic trap that most radio jockey’s fall into that screaming is a way to show excitement. Aishwarya does exactly that to show her character’s pain and suffering and in the bargain, she forgot to act. Most of her fans are not likely to complain, as they would be busy feasting on the close-ups of the ex-Miss World.

Vikram was a mistake. Rugged looks is not acting. It remains rugged looks.

Govinda lights up the screen but very abrupt characterisation and hence it felt that he was underused. Anybody could have done that role, the way it was presented.

Ravi Kishen is another actor I look forward to watching. He was mediocre. Where was the scope when the Bachchans keep doing ‘chil-chik-chik-chik’ on screen?

 There was just not story. Why I say that is because it was very very predictable. I feel 
 that Mani should have shocked his audiences and made some drastic changes.

 Watching a modern take of the classic Ramayan without any turning points would be 
 quite pointless. It serves no purpose when you know the end. Then the film basically
 becomes a chore.

 Mani Ratnam introduced the Stockholm syndrome ever so slightly; a firmer turn based
 on Aishwarya’s change of heart would have augured well for the ending of the film.

 In the end, I would say that Raavan simply had nothing to offer except for some 
 superlative camera-work. And that can never salvage a film.

 I’d rather watch the Ramayana for the real Raavan than this scream-fest.

Mani Ratnam, I am sorry.

25 June 2010


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