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The mere thought was like a huge rush.

Gushing in.

Visions conjured up like it happens on celluloid.

The sunshine, mellow from the artistic shadows of the palm trees.

The swish and swirl of sheer white curtains.

Slowly swaying leaves.

A white shirt, carelessly unbuttoned, with a hint of perspiration. Dust sticking to the heels of black boots.

Two-day stubble.

The cobbled flooring looking like sun-baked breads.

Dancing heads with hair tucked in a bun… some with hair waving wildly like black snakes.

The façade of the building casting geometric shadows on the cream coloured walls.

The swirl of floral skirts.

Woody smells tingling the senses. fallen-leaves-in-the-park-13421

The sound of strings being plucked like a lover stealing kisses.

Getting intoxicated with the moving images of pearly whites, smiling pink lips and hints of cleavage.

Glide up the veins on the side of the throat, dribbling on the jawline.

The breeze teasing the skirt.

Fingers going in a frenzy over the guitar.

Dark hands drumming up and down in a rhythm.

The smell of lemon and vodka.

The clarinet screaming in musical orgasm.

The sensation of holding a waist.

Nails playfully scratching an arm.

Sunshine that feels like a warm blanket.

Flirting like known strangers.

Tripping and being held by a hand and not minding where the hand holds.

Smoke from a lazy cigar fading out the smiling face.

Swaying not because the body knows the dance but because the music runs in the body.

Making love. In the mind.



2 comments on “Reverie

  1. yashajlakshmi
    April 18, 2011

    you Inspire me in soo many ways 🙂

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