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Cigarettes better than Facebook

Is that a little too outrageous?

It was just the other day, when I was in my classroom telling a bunch of teenagers about new media technology and how it has affected social behaviour. Following the lecture, I was thinking about what we were talking about in class, over a smoke. New media has given us Facebook. It has given us the Blackberry. It has given us Facebook on the Blackberry. It has taken social networking to unimaginable heights. We are always in touch with each other and sometimes with complete strangers as well. We have learnt how to ‘poke’ and ‘like’ each other. We have learnt how to concentrate on a 2-inch screen for hours on end. We have learnt it all. Our social skills are reaching dizzying heights!

Little wonder then, that basic communication skills are becoming rarer by the day. We can update our status hourly yet not be able to express what we feel. We can talk to complete strangers, but struggle for words face-to-face.

Indeed cigarettes are better. For all they are worth, they give rise to some good conversations!

I celebrate that smoke!


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