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Gone too Soon – Le roi est Mort!

He said, “This is it…”
The crowd chanted, “This is it… This is it…”
This is it.
This truly is it.

I never thought that I would see the day when Michael Jackson would be no more. I always thought that he would live on, as long as I do. He didn’t need to do this. Michael isn’t even alive to know the angst and anger that we all feel.

I miss him. I stare into nothingness, not coming to grips with the headlines splashed across red in all TV channels – Michael Jackson Dead!

I remembered the madness I had for him. Saving up pocket money to buy his latest poster, defending his falsetto and dance moves against anyone who said a thing. Knew his diet and stage arrangements. Bought lyrics books to be able to lip-sync his songs, cut out each and every article and picture and saved them. Bought moccasins, like he wore. Picked up belt buckles that had MJ written on it and one with the Dangerous logo on it. Learnt how to moonwalk by watching him frame by frame (eventually destroyed the video cassette and player). Even had a Bad leather jacket. Just couldnt sing like him.

He was an inspiration with what he did. Perfection.

There were imperfect botches too… the imperfect face and then the scandals.

Fame has its side effects.
Devotion has its trying times.

But the love for Michael Jackson and his craft remained. Unquestioned.

The Gloved One

The Gloved One

The show of madness mellowed down with the years. I wouldnt wear a shirt with a black band on the arm or mocassins. Neither would I try to grow a permed fore-lock.

But the love remained; undying.

And today I have come to grips that MJ is no more. The last picture of him, from the ambulance window, kills me each time I see it on TV.
Michael Jackson is dead. I am telling this to myself. I dont like the sound of it.

All I know is that without him around, I am feeling lonely. Strange. But true.

The glove will never shimmer. The white socks wouldnt glimmer. The shoes wouldnt glide ever in a moonwalk. The stage is empty. And the silence is deafening.

Peace! See you sometime brother.


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