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New World Order

I saw this box item in the e-copy of India’s leading national daily. They were discussing the age-old debate of whether it makes any difference to the man if his wife is earning more than him. I gravitated to that article than the Taliban headlines or the Earthquake in Italy.

Funnily enough, we have all seen Abhimaan that tried to discuss the gender issue of success and money. The film ended on safe grounds, with love healing all wounds. Truth is that, consciously or sub-consciously, we confirm to the gender stereotype that the man needs to earn more than the woman. Is it because he is capable of being more jealous than his wife, should she be more successful than him?

Social scientists might however give a definitive answer based on the predetermined animal behaviour of the male and female species. The answer however might be a bit complex than we think.

The interesting bit is how relationships evolve, and the way we tackle stereo-typical gender issues. With the world opening up more and relationships enjoying more equality, I feel that this debate might not have the ‘definitive’ answer that we all know.

Many marriages, these days, are more of a partnership than the ‘husband is the engine and the wife, the bogey’ mindset. Wives contribute equally to the economy of the relationship, if not more. There aren’t many incidences that I know of, where the woman is the engine and the man is the secondary engine.

Heartening was the response of many who wrote in to the newspaper and said that it doesn’t really matter. Many had already sailed the ship and were happy with how things have worked out for them. Husbands are earning lesser than their wives and their marriages aren’t sinking like the Titanic. Wives aren’t thinking any less of their husbands if they clock less than them.

Heartening was all of that, but honestly, it is still a super-minority of people.

Success needs a measure. Is it money or fame?

Happiness needs a measure. Is it being together or is it money?

Do successful girls expect their husbands to earn more than them?

Do husbands live in fear of being over-shadowed by their wives?

Does the ‘Abhimaan’ stereo-type still kick in as strong as it used to earlier?

But heck, the lioness still has a greater strike rate than the lion.

Cheers to that!


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