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We Love To Give

We, Indians, are a giving tribe.
We love to give most times.
And on top of that we love to give back to society and for the betterment of the country.
And so we love to give… bribes in the parliament openly in front of national TV.
We love to give… money to the poor so that they vote for us.
We love to give… cash to hundreds of slum-dwellers pressed against superstar Govinda’s gate like hungry calamity struck people.
We love to give… money to all party workers on the pretext of Holi.
We love to give… because Mulayam has a lot to give back.
We love to give… to get our licenses, or to avoid the speeding ticket.
We love to give.
We are becoming a starker dichotomous democratic nation.
Our skins are getting harder…
Our news channels are getting dramatic by the hour
And our national soul is slowly dying…


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